Boneworks Review (Stress Level Zero) – PC VR


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27 thoughts on “Boneworks Review (Stress Level Zero) – PC VR”

  1. I am sooo disappointed with this game, and it committed the cardinal sin I was afraid of: It put all this physics and simulation above the actual gameplay and quality of the interaction, to the point that most stuff in the game is just a clumsy, clunky and unsatisfying mess. This is not good VR or good game design; it's just choosing the gimmick over the quality and fun. Seriously, this was one of thee worst VR games for capturing that whole Wii "waggle" problem that I can recall in recent memory. I mean it didn't even nail some of the most basic stuff. The weapons don't even move at the same speed as your swings and always feel like they're lagging way behind and kinda floppy as a result; the hands are always in stupid looking positions because they're trying to match where they think your fingers are at all times rather than actually looking good; the player constantly gets stuck on stuff; the melee weapons constantly get stuck on the player; running is a pain because you have to hold the button down while pushing forward on the stick at the same time (not got it in front of me now so can't say if you can set it to a single click for on/off instead, which would be better in this case); etc, etc, etc. Sooo disappointed.

    I hope to f'n God the new Half-Life game understands what actually makes great VR gaming and interaction–and it's not badly done 100% simulation that feels totally clunky and unsatisfying.

    Games like Espire 1 and Stormland piss all over Boneworks in terms of the core controls and more satisfying interactions as far as I'm concerned, and that's precisely because they are not trying to do 100% "simulation".

  2. Something about it how the camera is handled gives me motion sickness. Having a physical body is also a bad idea as you get to stuck often and that again wobbles the camera.

  3. I wanted to love the game but sadly it had too many flaws imo.
    The puzzle were simple and way too easy to cheat (and not in a smart, satisfying way…just look up and find a place to climb, puzzle solved), the enemies were way too dumb (I know it's part of the story, but it doesn't make the encounters more interesting) and, well, the story was pretty dumb actually.

    It has a really cool, but also a really flawed physics systems for itself, which, I must admit made it enjoyable to play all the way through. But that's all it was, some fun physics system in an overall pretty really really flawed game.

    I just don't want that to be the goal for future games, I don't want other devs to think "yeah, that's a masterpiece, let's do the same", I want them to know the flaws of the game and improve on it, because without the physics system, this game just wouldn't be good at all.

  4. You sound like someone who watches Rick and Morty because they think they're smarter than others, uses large words in place of regular ones at every opertunity and over pronounces letters to seem smart

  5. "feels like the Narbacular drop to Valve's Portal"
    I'm really hoping we'll get Valve's portal, but in the meantime, I want innovation & bar-raising to be rewarded so I'll be picking this up for that.

  6. I think i was watching a video posted by Node, but one of the guys was discussing the main issue with using long guns, or any "gun" that requires two hands to operate in VR. Basically when utilizing a two handed gun, like a rifle for example, you only have 2 anchor points. One hand on the pistol grip or near the trigger, and the other on somewhere down near the barrel of the weapon. He went on to discuss that if a third anchor point could be utilized on your shoulder area, how this could be a game changer for the fiasco of trying to shoot a long gun. So pretty much, if a developer were able to come up with a mechanic that sort of locks the weapon into your dominate shoulder when you raise the weapon up to fire it for better and less wonky aiming, how much this would improve the immersiveness of gun fights in VR.


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