Oculus Quest Espire 1 Review – The Metal Gear Of VR


Today on BMF I have an Oculus Quest Espire 1 Review. I love stealth action games like Metal Gear Solid and Espire 1 on the Oculus Quest fits right into that category.

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42 thoughts on “Oculus Quest Espire 1 Review – The Metal Gear Of VR”

  1. Hey man! Do you know how to remove the blinders when i walk. i walk with my controllers and there is a tiny box with the gameplay in the middle and on the outside are blinders. if you know i would really appreciate it.

  2. This is way closer to goldeneye than metal gear. I feel like we played completely different games. I played on an index and rift s and this game is a hard pass for me. I feel like there was 0 immersion and it was impossible to take seriously

  3. I got the game the day it released and it’s the best quest game I’ve gotten yet I’ve already beaten it and replayed it multiple times it’s too short I really hope they release expansions

  4. VR reminds me not of the first video games I ever played, but of the first time I got an Xbox 360 arcade edition and played halo 3 so much. Every part of the game.. and I didn’t even have Xbox live.

    Im 22 now and everytime I play a VR game it reminds me of the joy and wonder video games bring

    The point of this was to say that I feel most VR titles right now require some effort from the player to make them all around “worth it”

  5. I looked everywhere in the settings and I cannot find how to turn the theater off. It’s so confusing the amount of settings that don’t really have any context or explanation of what they really do. I’ve adjusted a lot of them and they don’t seem to do much of anything. I wish they just had turn theater mode off as an option instead of 1 billion settings.I really hate it but I understand why they put it in there being that you are in virtual reality in virtual reality but it just kind of makes me more nauseous than anything. So if anybody has any idea how to turn it off easily I’d really appreciate the help. Thank you

  6. Even tho you shut off the comfort options, there is still a comfort hub floating around in front of your face. Ruins the game for me. Gonna pass on this one unless devs give us options to turn that annoying crap off

  7. Hi Matt, glad that you're back.
    I'm also a huge MGS fan, especially the 1st one and the VR missions, but I'm gonna pass on this one for the moment as my 2 most wanted games are coming soon: The Climb & Arizona Sunshine, and they are quite expensive ones.

  8. I really like this game. Played most of the weekend. Mostly natively on Quest which is great. I used the Oculus link to play it with the better graphics and honestly I actually prefered it on quest due to the wireless freedom even though I have a 5m cable. 1 to 1 gameplay pretty much so I dont feel like I lost too much.

  9. because i cant use the link because my laptop isnt compatible, i really hope Blade and Sorcery and Gorn come out for the quest itself. i really want to play those games and its unfortunate that i cant try all these fun games.


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