John Wick ON SHROOMS! (Pistol Whip VR Gameplay Review)


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This video is co-sponsored by Cloudhead Games, the makers of Pistol Whip VR, and LIV Mixed Reality App. The game is nothing short of amazing. Pistol Whip gameplay is one of the best rythm games and VR FPS games on any platform. I find the levels fun, stylish, and just challenging enoug to keep me coming back for more. I hope you enjoy this Pistol Whip VR Review!


43 thoughts on “John Wick ON SHROOMS! (Pistol Whip VR Gameplay Review)”

  1. This was entertaining. Came over to support you based on your suggestion in the recoil control video.

    Consider making it even more ridiculous, funny and unique by wearing an oversized Halloween mask off some sort on this vr vids.

    It'll probably make you pass out if worn too long from the great, ha, but it'll look hilarious and will make it look more like a person in the virtual world.

    Good stuff!


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