Samsung Odyssey Plus review | VR


The Samsung Odyssey Plus is a great value for Windows users looking to get an affordable VR headset. It seems to go on sale every couple of months or so for less than $300. Check here to see if it’s currently on sale.

Samsung Odyssey Plus VR headset:

Diving into VR for SketchUp specifically? Check out my full overview of the current state of VR, and learn how to pick your first VR headset

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33 thoughts on “Samsung Odyssey Plus review | VR”

  1. Important Note: This VR headset has built-in Bluetooth modules, no-longer requiring a Bluetooth receiver in the PC. This was an issue that was covered in the previous model (non-plus).

  2. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS REVIEW. It seems like much, if not all of the buzz is between the Rift, Quest or Index VR headsets, but for $230 this is really a steal with MUCH of the same features

  3. the tracking is utter garbage, it's the Achlies heel. If the O+ had the tracking of the rift S is would easily be the best VR headset… if you can deal with the crappy controllers and massive light bleed…

    The controllers are kind of awkward and not too comfortable… but it's the tracking that kills this HMD dead. Playing Beat Saber I wanna throw the O+ out the window, it just can't accurately track that quickly.

    for $200 it's a good deal and will get you into VR. I bought it back in Febuary when it was $499 and totally not worth it at that price.

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  5. Hey, Jeff. Was wondering if this is still a decent headset as like a "daily driver" because I would probably be playing it quite often, just wondering if you think I could use it for a few hours every day, and about the comfort of the headset. I'm not expecting luxury for the price, but I do wonder if I should just save up a bit more cash waiting for a Vive or a Rift instead. Thanks.

  6. Your video look like you never see or try other headset than your old Vive… if you think than Odyssey+ is so nice you have to try a Rift S, cheaper and better…. better Sweetspot because bigger, better tracking ever, and better software…..

  7. I really miss my HTC Vive and playing Pavlov Vr on Steam I had sold it cause I needed some extra cash when I moved last year but I’m really considering getting this Vr headset especially since it dropped to 280 on amazon

  8. Hi Matt. Really good video to clear doubts about this headset with SketchUp. I'll mainly use It with SketchUp but, have you tried with differents PCs? Could you say something about your PC components? Laptop?
    Thanks in advance

  9. Hi Jeff – great video thanks – if I have a customer I want to show my Sketchup work to, can we both connect at the same time and walk around inside the room at the same time?


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