DiRT Rally 2.0 VR Review & First Impressions


Wales is easily my favourite rally location. I’ve never played DiRT Rally 2.0 but was a huge fan of the first one. VR support dropped today; let’s try it out with a G27 and drive bloody fast!

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4 thoughts on “DiRT Rally 2.0 VR Review & First Impressions”

  1. Zim if this music 🎧 is the one you were taking about yesterday how it it the one that I thought it might be but I’m hearing this and I though it was what I thought it was I was wrong but this kinda like Mario music 🎵 sound from his game but this video about driving games are really good and that smart Watch you have on your rist my adde teacher had one but the band part is a different colour that’s basically that is the o my thing that is a different colour to what my added teacher has on her rist

  2. Thanks for showing the VR update for DR2. I am going to wait quite a while on this game cause I am not really into this type of racing just because it has VR now, plus they seem to have 2 different versions – one on STEAM and the other on the Oculus store. It would have to be a pretty good sale price for me to think about this one. I do have Dirt Rally 1 and goof around with it sometimes so I will stick with that game.

    I will wait for Automobilista 2 to be released since I am more into auto racing and prefer racing against other cars on the tracks.
    Thanks again for sharing the game for us.

  3. Sadly, DiRT Rally 2.0 VR in it's launch state is under-performing. The core gameplay feel is sufficiently solid, but for a purchase price of £45 GBP, is something I simply cannot recommend as a must buy, like it's predecessor. Once the game is buffed and polished, with VR bugs removed, this could be upgraded. Watch for 50% off sales. Also, no Wales (at least not that I could find!) Verdict: Consider


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