Oculus Quest Review – Best All-In-One VR Headset


Jason Howell reviews Facebook’s first all-in-one virtual reality headset, the Oculus Quest. Requiring no PC to tether to and featuring room-scale tracking without external sensors, this standalone gaming system is instantly playable and thoroughly enjoyable.

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22 thoughts on “Oculus Quest Review – Best All-In-One VR Headset”

  1. Fyi to anyone new to vr… Viveport Infinity is on black friday sale for $60/year ($5 a month) through dec 2 and has games such as A fishermans tale, super hot, Doctor who, arizona sunshine, groundhog day, pixel ripped 1989, windlands 2, to the top, sairento, five nights at freddy’s, final assault, box vr, racket nx, richie’s plank experience, tilt brush, angry birds, obduction, fruit ninja, battle wake, knockout league, apex construct, seeking dawn, a c i a r greenwater, the gallery ep 1-2, the wizards, dick wilde 2, fantastic contraption, synth riders and many more. I signed up when it first released and it was BY FAR the best $60 that I have spent in vr. I just paid for another year.

  2. Minor quibble. The data storage is a rip off, its where these companies make their money. $100 for 64GB?… you can't recommend it. With high speed broadband everywhere and such small games, do you really need to take EVERY game with you? No. Just get the 64GB, save yourself some money.

  3. after leaving ps/xbox last gen due to repetitive games downloads and blah! after being really patient waiting for cable free vr it finally happened wow the wait was worth it love my quest and with anker battery pack added I've not ran out of juice yet. 4 of my freinds have sold there psvr for it and game developers are already improving graphics check out red matter lighting video!!! the strap breaks in and is much more comfortable and with battery pack added it counters the headsets weight! AWSOME BIT OF KIT!!!!!!!!!


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