Valve Index Review: There's still a place for high end VR


Valve is reminding us that there’s still a place for high-end VR. The Oculus Quest might be cheaper and far more convenient, but it’ll always be limited by its mobile hardware. With the Index, the VR possibilities are endless.

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35 thoughts on “Valve Index Review: There's still a place for high end VR”

  1. You can see that the game is totally fu*ked, look at the sabers in game and look at this hands. I'm very pissed that you didn't mention it at all, but i know that it's a problem that valve or beat saber will fix in their own pace. It's still very angering that you said nothing about the problem, how much did valve pay you? 6:22

  2. Its not exactly what I wanted, but its basically what I've been waiting for as a consumer who hasn't yet purchased a vr headset myself seeing the issues with dizziness from refresh or screen door effect etc, this is something worth finally buying. No, it doesn't have eye tracking but for 1g flat. Pretty good

  3. "There's still a place for high end VR" yeh for elitist snobs to rub your nose in, no different to when I was a kid, "what you don't have £200 nike trainers?, wow your family must be gypos", programming at it's best

  4. EXCELLENT review! I love your no nonsense, honest statements, and it helped me choose the correct vr upgrade. I almost bought the Rift S, but this is clearly everything I'd want as my next vr hardware purchase for the next year or so.

  5. sorry.. they call this one "high end VR". Any one use it? Ok.. then the RIFT S? Then HP's? Yeah.. sorry other then PRICE its SO NOT high end. No.. TRY ALL… Valve will not be your end choice. Take apart one controller. Look how its made. $125 for just one? $250 for both. This review is not biased? HAHA did you miss "With the Index, the VR possibilities are endless". For some odd reason the others.. na.. they fail..but the INDEX.. WOW are ENDLESS! HAHA

    And the res in each eye.. is WOW SO HIGH! " 1440×1600 per eye" Yeah thats it.. Same as HTC. HP's is 2160 x 2160 per eye.

  6. Do you have to use the built in speakers or can you use your own headphones? I want something that blocks noise. Hearing the constant whining of my children will take me out of my immersion in the virtual world.

  7. Why did you compare against $300 & $400 headsets when you have the other high-end contenders like the Chinese $1,000 5k ultra-wide FoV and the one Ultra-luxury European $5,000 5k ultra-wide FoV headset?


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