Yay3d VR Viewer Turns Your Tablet into a Hand-held VR Headset (video review)


There have been several smartphone/tablet VR viewers making their way into the virtual reality market lately which take advantage of an Android phone or iPhone screen, as well as their gyroscopes and accelerometers. Since mobile phones are on the forefront of resolution and pixel density, some argue that this method of VR will hold its own in the battle against standalone VR headsets. The VR Viewer by Yay3d takes it to another level.

Let me introduce you to the VR Viewer by Yay3d.  This 3D printed piece of hardware snaps onto to a 7-inch Android tablet or iPad Mini to allow viewing of VR content.

VR Viewer features:

  • Super quick attachment includes easy adjustment for proper centering over a range of 3D content
  • Lightweight (84g) yet strong practical design 3D printed in ABS plastic
  • Huge 50mm short focal length precision hard-coated acrylic aspheric lenses specially manufactured for yay3d
  • Extremely wide field of view – up to 90+ degrees
  • HD resolution when coupled with 2013 Nexus 7 tablets
  • Ability to attach to 2012 Nexus 7 and iPad mini tablets also
  • Innovative yet simple lens separation adjustment accommodates differing IPD and content sizes
  • Enjoy dozens of Oculus Rift videos on YouTube; loads of Play store VR-based games for android devices
  • Be a Rift passenger via Splashtop Personal to an Oculus-connected PC

For $49 US, you can’t really beat the experience that the VR Viewer provides. If you have a 7-inch Android tablet or an iPad Mini, you may want to check this out.

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