Blade and Sorcery – VR Review! (2019)


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Welcome to my VR Review of Blade and Sorcery in 2019! This game has come along way from a very small developer team and accurately delivers on the promise of VR to the fullest!

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13 thoughts on “Blade and Sorcery – VR Review! (2019)”

  1. this game is an amazing base for an rpg in vr. imagine this game with just the world and quest from skyrim. its a great thought that makes me excited for the future of vr. i really hope this guy can make an open world for us to explore and rp in. the combat looks so good, but i cant wait till theres more to do. does anyone know what the dev has planned for the future of this game? if he plans on adding an open world?

  2. The reason this game is my favorite is because the physics are really good plus modding it adds hours and hours of replayability, there are actual iron man gauntlets for God sakes that let u fly around and hit dudes with repulsor blasts, its awesome


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