Oculus Quest National Geographic Explore VR Review


Ever wanted to explore the frozen tundra in Antartica? Today we take a look at the brand new game National Geographic Explore VR on the Oculus Quest.

From kayaking on the fridged ocean to snapping photos of wild animals and climbing a wall of ice, this game is a unique experience in Virtual Reality.

Want to pick up this title? Check it out on the Oculus Store here – https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/2046607608728563

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19 thoughts on “Oculus Quest National Geographic Explore VR Review”

  1. Bro, you need more views . I will share your video with my mates to get a little tiny word out, but as I'm the only one of my friends that even knows VR exists I'm confident it will be tiny hahaha. All of that aside i really enjoy your video content and i watch youtube at least 25 hours a week. i have had a Gear VR since i first tried modern VR on a Rift more than 2 years ago. My Gear VR was great except that my controller constantly dropped out and caused a restart. i still loved it though but never used it because of that problem breaking immersion. Your videos have reignited my passion and i get my Quest here in Australia 2 sleeps from now haha. I hope its all you said it will be. i know it will haha. I'll comment on a future video to let you know how i go.


  2. Its to bad some developers are not giving us the consideration of having free locomotion for those of us that don't get motion sick. I mean how hard is it to include that option for those of us that want it. There's all kinds of motion going on in this game with the boating and climbing the ice walls but soon as it comes to walking, nope you have to teleport, we are either to lazy or to inconsiderate to include free movement for walking.

  3. Loved this one. Only issue was that my kayak’s orientation kept getting messed up. Have any experience with that? It probably happened because I kept trying to fight the current and ended up running into things as such.


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