HP Reverb VR Headset Review!


We test and review the HP Reverb, a Windows Mixed Reality headset that has the sharpest display we’ve seen so far in a consumer virtual reality headset. We compare its clarity to the displays of the original Rift and Rift S, in games like Rec Room, Space Pirate Trainer, and Elite Dangerous. This resolution bump is truly impressive, though the headset isn’t without its faults.

Plus, our impressions of the Ubisoft VR Escape Room, Beyond Medusa’s Gate! (https://www.ubisoftescapegames.com/)

Shot by Gunther Kirsch and edited by Norman Chan

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29 thoughts on “HP Reverb VR Headset Review!”

  1. Can someone please tell me if it would be viable to work inside this HMD, in particular programming in an IDE? I keep hearing that for all other HMDs, the clarity is just not there, yet with the HP Reverb, I keep hearing how amazing the clarity is. I'm a programmer, and my dream would be to essentially get rid of my multi-monitor setup on my desk and just use a headset to program in VR. It would be so awesome to have multiple virtual monitors and work in different virtual locations.

  2. Why are there no VR headset that would just give user free head movemevent so they can play games sitting down on a desk with KB and mouse ? FFS most FPS games already have free head movement (left alt – key)

  3. when you say stereoscopic coverage is reduced in these new HMD.
    and you say its noticeable and you need to adjust to it.

    do you mean 3d effect is lost outside the sweet spot? because of the reduced coverage?
    as objects move to the left or right periphery?

    I fly helicopters and need my spatial awareness…

  4. A sim racers dream and a seated slam dunk. It's purpose built and I like that, it's not a room scale native VR power house like the Index, it's meant to be good at comfort by lack of weight and high resolution. Now if only HP could stock them in places, I think they got caught off-guard with the demand.

  5. Funny that you guys are saying the black levels are notissable worse on this headsett compare to the Rift S when pretty much everyone else is saying the opposite ? The Rift S has horrible black levels btw for games like Elite

  6. I think i would choose the valve index over this, but I refuse to pay 1000 dollars for it.. so I guess I'm getting the reverb. Regardless, its better than the rift cv2 that i just sold lol. It'll make my flight sims so much better now that ill is able to read gauges.. lol

  7. They better make a sensor for the knuckles so we can use them independently. PALEEASE

    BECAUSE hp is better than pimax. Why would anyone want to spend 300$ more for a headset that is already 600 by HP


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