Nintendo Labo VR Kit Review: Cardboard VR isn't dead


Nintendo has expanded it’s cardboard-kit Labo line with a new set dedicated to turning the Switch into a VR device. While the Switch is not the VR devices, Nintendo was able to craft some remarkably creative VR experiences.

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22 thoughts on “Nintendo Labo VR Kit Review: Cardboard VR isn't dead”

  1. DIY tip: If anyone has the CD case for 10,000 Days from Tool you can just use the 3D lenses that come with it and play in VR mode. Good luck trying to get those 3D lenses rigged up to your face properly though. You can at least see what the VR mode looks like without having to pay money though. A decent test to get an idea of what it would look like before you shell out cash for the Labo VR

  2. I mean, there is literally no cost for Nintendo to produce one of these cardboards. Except for the design process ofc. So if they only sell hundreds of these things, they can already profit. Doubt this line is gonna die any time soon.


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