Oculus Quest review: can this save VR?


The Oculus Quest is a new take on virtual reality, offering high-end VR in a mobile package — but only with some compromises. Though it’s a self-contained headset with a great new tracking system, it still doesn’t cross some fundamental barriers to mainstream VR success. We take a look at the $399 headset that’s coming out May 21st.

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45 thoughts on “Oculus Quest review: can this save VR?”

  1. Invalid points of the video aside, the reason I can't see Oculus Quest being a viable purchase is the compromises. If I'm going to compromise for a vr headset, I might as well stick to google cardboard. I have tried nearly every VR system I believe is available, and absolutely undeniably the best experience I have ever had with gaming was the HTC Vive Pro Eye Virtual Reality System. Tracking was perfect and beyond anything else, I NEVER lost track of my remotes. Remotes and headset are plug in rechargeable, with several hours of battery life (no need for AA batteries, a flaw of oculus). It is, of course, wireless so no "stepping around wires." And most important, there is no game that is off limits to you. Everything works and works well. I'm glad for the Oculus making the advances they are, but it is too little too late for the company. They started with the edge of VR gaming, but I feel like will make ever more limited contributions to the progress of VR.

  2. This review is super harsh, First VR is not "socially awkward" you don't need to play VR in public just play in your home. Also can you stop saying VR needs saving like anything it will not be perfect on the first try, like was the first tv perfect, no but it was super innovative, it is very similar to VR.

  3. I like the overview of state of the industry here. But the review did not emphasize enough the iterative, yet very big step of tetherless, inside out tracking with a smooth hardware and software interface. And yes, social isolation and looking funny with VR is a thing.

  4. This review was very odd. I cant relate to the whole socially awkward thing. I mean I want to game in a VR world, hence be away from the real world? Also when I game I do it alone not on the street? So WTF?

  5. There needs to be a bigger indie-game community with VR. What will make VR explode is super cheap, well polished, but much smaller scale projects. If Nintendo, for instance, took their backlog of Nintendo64 games and ported them to VR, they could create a small, cheap, portable VR console like this to play them on and people would buy it up as rapidly as as they've been buying up the Switch. I think that the "Triple-A" experience in VR is just pushing the price of the necessary hardware a bit too much for most consumers. If Facebook could somehow promote that kind of scaled down game development for the Quest, it will be the next big thing.


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