Tested: Nintendo Labo VR Kit Review!


We assemble and test the new Nintendo Labo: VR Kit accessories and games! From the cardboard build ups to the virtual reality experiences, we were extremely impressed by what Nintendo was able to achieve with the Switch’s display and motion-sensing hardware. Here’s how the VR toy-cons work and what it’s like to play them!

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Shot by Gunther Kirsch and edited by Norman Chan

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Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
Set design by Danica Johnson http://www.twitter.com/saysdanica
Set build by Asa Hillis http://www.asahillis.com

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50 thoughts on “Tested: Nintendo Labo VR Kit Review!”

  1. I bought psvr in late 2019 . The Sony psvr fits comfortably on my head and it stays in place without me having to " hold " it . The free hands I have with my Sony psvr allows me to play games with a controller in each hand . The two move controllers feels like real guns in your hands during shooting games . I just find it hard to believe that this cardboard mess Nintendo has made is anywhere close to as great as psvr is .

  2. Here I am, just hoping there is a release of Pokemon Snap 2. with 2 options: Just the game for the switch. or the game cartridge + camera labo.
    It just needs to be able to also play in docked mode. because i would want to play pokemon snap for longer than my motion sickness might allow otherwise

  3. Here I though VR was a fad.

    Oh right, Nintendo didn't do it so you hated it. Now they did some halfassed VR and you are all creaming your pants claiming it's the future.

    I hate Nintendo fans. I can't wait for Nintendo to go the way of Sega.

  4. I was especially excited to find out about the elephant. It looked to me like they got a 6dof controller system working (at least as good as you could hope for) and I was really curious about that. So glad to see them pushing boundaries to prove me right in that.

  5. I don't like anything made of cardboard, sorry. It rips easily. if it gets wet goodbye. You can't clean it with water. It's cardboard it deteriorates easily. if it gets bent goodbye etc etc and so on.

  6. My son is 6 and we love building and playing the Labo stuff together, but the discover mode was surprisingly his favorite part. He loves learning how the controllers and toycons work. Probably going to buy this one soon too. 🙂

  7. Lol this is a joke, cardboard!?! That set better be like 2 dollars. Only nerds would like this but I guess that's still a huge market. Where are the myth busters ? That's the only reason I subscribed to this channel


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