Why You Should (And Shouldn't) Buy PlayStation VR in 2019


Sony has been supporting PSVR so much that it’s actually starting to annoy PS4 owners that don’t have the headset. But let’s take a step back and really give it a shot for a second. It’s 2 years after launch and the virtual reality train isn’t stopping. It’s cheaper, there’s more games, maybe you should pick one up. It wouldn’t hurt. Except Creed: Rise to Glory, because you might end up hitting something if you’re not careful.

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49 thoughts on “Why You Should (And Shouldn't) Buy PlayStation VR in 2019”

  1. Well kind of mad about skyrim and super hot hate when they do that s#$@ I mean why would you sale 2 completely different versions of the game why not sale them and give you the option to play the other version 😒 I mean knowing skyrim and super hot iam sure there are many many others and it's stupid because VR is fun

  2. but the most important thing…
    should i sell imy psvr?
    and buy a oculus quest? or a rift s?
    well the quest have link now and can turn in to a oculus rift…
    wirelesssssss !!!!

  3. The new psvr model (came out in late 2017 I believe alongside skyrim vr) isn't as wire heavy as the original model which you have. Also no problem with hdr plugthrough with it. Also once you get used to vr, you can play for 20 hours straight, no problem.

    Just showed my friend who has a switch and is a pretty core gamer tonight.

    A direct quote when he got home tonight through discord:
    "That means I'll have that much more fun

    Bc VR beats anything I've played before"

    Which is a normal reaction, everyone I've shown vr has loved it.

    The support for psvr (both first party and 3rd party) has increased with time.

    Anyway psvr came out in late 2016, ps5 will be able to use it, and it has over 100 games worth playing.

  4. I totally agree with the Social aspect. I mean I wanna get one simply because I want my parents to experience VR (and for future VR games of course) since my parents grew up in the 60s and the idea of VR was totally impossible and science fiction. The only reason Im putting this on hold is the whole PSVR2 rumors. Its still is pretty expensive where Im from. Used is around 300 (just the headset and camera)- 400 (random package) a pop.

  5. The reason that your wire setup is so messy is because you own an older version of the headset. However I own a newer model which uses less cables and is a smother setup. Just wanted to let you know that it has improved with time.

  6. PSVR headset is absolute rubbish, do not buy it, its 5 year old obsolete tech. While there are some good VR titles but not that many. Sony wants to dump this junk on you so you will buy the new device when it launches, just sold my 2 month old PSVR kit for $130 to get rid of it.

  7. Psvr blows, tracking sucks and uses ps3 hardware(move controllers and camera) which I’m sure is why it sucks, if ur interested in VR invest in an oculus and a pc otherwise you’re going to end up with both and the psvr sitting unplugged for past 6mo at least AND REGRET THE PSVR PURCHASE like I am. Since I got that out, anyone want to buy a psvr? You pay $250 I’ll pay shipping, lol.

  8. The only gripe I have which I'm sure most people do is the recycling of the old shitting move controllers which lack joysticks. Having joysticks and the ability to easily move while playing vr games would enhance and improve the experience by a tenfold.


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