Is PlayStation VR Worth It Now In 2019?


PlayStation VR is doing well. Very well, in fact. So since I’ve done a Top 10 PS VR Games video in the past, I figured now is as good of a time as ever to actually talk about in detail Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation VR- an accessory to the PlayStation 4 (PS4) / PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro) systems.

Is it worth buying in 2019? Let’s find out!

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34 thoughts on “Is PlayStation VR Worth It Now In 2019?”

  1. So according to me it's NOT worth to invest. Let's wait for PS5 and then we will see. I sold mine PS4 VR set 4 months ago. Yes it was amazing experience, I was blown away by the Star Wars X-wing flight. This short game convinced me, that this is exactly how I will play games in next few years. The immersion is incredible. Also the astrobot to play with kids, was very nice. BUT, if You ask me about the Skyrim – man, this graphic is really a total disaster, and steering really weird. Those big pixels, everything blurred – really the quality is very bad. Same with Resident Evil. You will start and You will say "OMG WHAT IS THIS". The technology itself is for sure the future, I love it, but the PS4 PRO simply does not have sufficient power. I advise You to wait little bit, and pull the trigger on PS5.

  2. Ive had my PSVR for over a year and its been amazing. Like any VR, it’s something you jump on when you are in the mood for it, its not a replacement for typical gaming. PS Store has many downloadable VR games to please any genre gamer. I also recommend having the VR move controllers which make a huge difference.

  3. Ik had niet verwacht dat het zo goed werkt, je staat echt compleet in een andere wereld.
    Als je de bril weer afzet, moet je even bijkomen😂.
    Wel veel kabels maar goed te installeren.
    Is zijn geld waard, werkt ook pima met de gewone controller, maar binnenkort ook maar de move proberen.

  4. Yer I was there when anologue sticks came out no one I knew gave two shits about digital controllers once dual shock came out it was game over for digital thats why ps2, 3, 4, used anologue sticks.

  5. Not really it lacks a lot of games there’s only 3 good games blood & truth, zero hour, and that one game with a robot that looks like the VR design. If your looking for a full Vr experience stick to pc. If I’m not mistaken the psvr is compatible to pc so you can still make use of it if you own a pc. If you only have a ps4 like me well womp womp womp we’re fucked 300 bucks unless your very easy to entertain. The wow aspect of this last a month or so but I would not recommend this in 2019.

  6. Having never had a console system before I found myself quite distressed by the degree of control Sony has over my use of my own property. Otherwise I think it is marvelous. I got a PS4 PRO specifically to explore VR. When I was researching it seemed the best option, cheapest quality VR experience available at the time. That is no longer the case though? There is now another option that is not regulated by anyone with an agenda as Sony clearly have and according to reviews is of a comparable quality? If nothing else this should force Sony to be more competitive and hopefully relax their bizarre and racist censorship.

  7. Bruh. I came into ps vr expecting it to be really awesome and for it to almost replace the classic experience like you said. And I was not disappointed! It is AMAZING! And it changes everything!


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