No Man’s Sky VR Feels Like a Completely Different Game


Now that No Man’s Sky is finally leaping into the world of virtual reality, is it any good?

No Man’s Sky Beyond VR: Gameplay Trailer:

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21 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky VR Feels Like a Completely Different Game”

  1. I just got the oculus rift and I keep going back to no man sky. This is literally the best VR game out there in my opinion. There is so much you can do and you literally feel like you are in space going anywhere you want. A game that had potential at the beginning I falling short on gameplay to getting not only gameplay but reality all in one. I think all open word games needs to take notes on the algorithm layout Hello games.

  2. I bought the game after watching this.

    If you are wrong, I'm going to be irritated. I will write you a strongly worded letter, and you will not like it. There will be colorful language, and plenty of rhetorical questions.

    If you are right,
    Ya… Cool…. W/e

  3. To be honest it’s feels kinda worse in vr and I tried it on my rift and I really didn’t like it but maybe that’s because I got bored of the game because I rushed the story in 30 hours within a few days

  4. Even in non VR mode no man's sky feels like a completely different game I say amazing job hello games and I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you hello games for the immaculate update the best one so far until they come up with the next series no man's sky 2 I heard there already working on it I also heard it should be coming out sometime in 2020 when PS5 comes out I can't wait

    Sincerely Yours
    Dr. Satan


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