PIMAX 5K Plus – The Final Honest Review – The Future of VR is WIDE, but is this the Future?


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HERE is my Full Honest Review of the Pimax 5K+ HMD, The First and Long awaited Wide Field of View VR Headset! In this review we will go over every single detail to understand if this device and this Field of View implementation is worth the $699 Plus Price Tag and if this is new headset you should consider or Upgrade to!

I understand that all of this review could sound a little different compared to what probably you’re used to hearing on the internet, what you have to put in context here is the fact that most of the people received this headset with a kickstart price, paying this headset $399.
Well, this review is not for the backers, the people who founded this project, that, to be honest, they have all of my respect because it’s thanks to them, that we were able to receive something that is actually, finally, feeling new for once in the VR market (many thanks :))
But this review is for everyone else, like me, who bought or is planning to buy this Pimax at full price right now. So let’s take out the Hype and let’s review this Headset like what it is! This is Your Review.


What is the most important thing for you in a Virtual Reality Headset? Would you consider purchasing the Pimax 5K+? Let me know in the comments below!


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PIMAX 5K+ Screen and Visuals EXPLAINED: https://youtu.be/NWh_ZSerpeo

IPD Adjustment: https://forum.pimaxvr.com/t/pimax-official-1-0-1-103-beta-test-release-for-brainwarp-1-0/14256/537

Gun Stock from the video: https://youtu.be/A2cqfELuaB8

THROUGH THE LENSES – PIMAX 5K + vs Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive: https://youtu.be/fx_Mkd_SY98

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24 thoughts on “PIMAX 5K Plus – The Final Honest Review – The Future of VR is WIDE, but is this the Future?”



    Ciao 🙂 I left in the description a little disclaimer to explain better everything 🙂 I really hope you enjoyed this review, it took me several hours (over 16 for sure ) to make! A LIKE will be super appreciated and hey, if you like this kind of Quality videos and you want more please subscribe https://goo.gl/5oZXwo , that will really mean a lot and help more than what you think! Thanks again for the support! You are amazing! Share the video wherever you want 🙂

    4k 60!! Here we GO!

  2. my ipd is close to 71/72mm.. so I'd have to use the software to get closer to that above the max mechanical 68mm.. any idea how well the software works and if it will be a less than optimal experience with my pupils physically being outside the pimax lens center sweet spots? Thank you

  3. My problem concerns an update using the new Pitool beta software & firmware. During installation, it started to update the firmware to my Pimax 5K which then froze the Pitool software on completion. After this, I had to reboot my PC, after the reboot the headset became unusable I have tried all the suggestions on the Pimax forums from other users who have also experienced the same problem while installing the new beta software. Many have struggled to get their headsets running again. Following methods by others that eventually got their headsets running again, I have had no luck. This includes using the Dfue.exe and selecting new firmware. It has not worked for me. I am left with a headset that is unusable/broken with the light by the headset on/off button blinking alternately between red and green. I have uninstalled the Pimax software rebooted the PC reinstalled the old software tried the USB and DP cables in different sockets but still with no luck. Can anyone help, please? I feel as though there is either a language problem at the Chinese end or they are just not interested with past customers. Is there any other software that can do the equivalent of a low-level format and installation of the firmware? I don't know why this beta software was released (probably to try and match the Valve Index running at 90-120 & 144 Hz) but it is not beta more like Alpha, maybe not even that. It should come with a link to some of the problem posts on the forum and carry a warning in very big letters that it may be unstable on some headsets. (Apparently on headsets of a certain number according to the forum.) So can you help me, please? Or at least get someone at Pimax tech too. My request has been received and is being reviewed by our Personal User Support team. The reference of your ticket is 20221. I have sent 3 emails now about this ticket and my patience is running out.

  4. Thank you for this review… I have seen a lot from everywhere. Your conclusion soothes me. I'm not ready to reboot my PC often and work it through. I want good res and easy play. Unfortunately, it will cost me the fov. I'm going with the HTC Cosmos since the Index is unavailable at the moment. Things will be great in a few years. Cheers and keep the good reviews.

  5. This was actually a very good review! It was objective and clear. Also, I enjoyed the way he pronounces the word "focus". At this price point, do you think Pimax is trying to focus over?

  6. I own a 5k plus and its great how ever the controls; don't wait if you do the 5k will be obsolete save your self the time and money buy vive controls and base stations they work just as well

  7. My only problem with my Pimax Xr is the low gpu usage. I cant get 82 fps on my 82hz oled pimax xr display with a rtx 2080 ti because the gpu usage is 75% and not 99% like it should be . I am using a i9 9990k and pi tool 144 and newest drivers 431.36.
    This results in only 64-72 fps in most titles which is not smooth at all !!

  8. You should do an updated review with the latest pitools. Another thing I noticed was people leaving Steam at 100% which in some cases was around 5000 x 5000 pixels per eye. I dropped mine to 2300×2300 (which was listed as 26% on steam) and supersampling in pitools to 1.25 or 1.5. Everything looks crisp and runs smooth 90hz on my old 1080. I don't change anything for each game. Check the 3 boxes smoothing, parallel projection and vive only. Just leave it at those settings and never have any issues.

  9. PIMAX really needs a full package deal at a slight discount with EVERTHING you need for a full experience. Getting nickled and dimed after dropping so much money already really keeps me, and im sure many other people from getting into quality VR.


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