Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Gaming Review With The Samsung Gear VR (Compatible With S10, S10e,S10 Plus)


The brand New Samsung galaxy S10 plus offers an amazing display and long battery life, Today I review it with the last Samsung gear Vr released around note 8 and the one from the note 7. You can use what you have and buy the remote wiht the older model.
hope you enjoy the video.

gear vr remote :

Samsung Gear VR (2016) :

Samsung Gear VR w/Controller (2017):

Goku wallpaper process :

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46 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Gaming Review With The Samsung Gear VR (Compatible With S10, S10e,S10 Plus)”

  1. so that is how the mouse works, if my kid gets this she will never want to take it off. I suppose you could just get a good rotating chair and spin around while on one of those youtube videos, this is getting really interesting.

  2. i am about to get the s10+ and thought i was going to have to upgrade the gear vr from my r323 as almost all searches tell me i need r325 and adaptor, but you have just proved that theory wrong so i will wait and try it 1st. Thanks mate much respect.

  3. Okay I have the S9 with the Samsung VR headset and all that stuff with the remote and everything and it works great and I love it but my phone recently just broke so thinking about upgrading to the S10 does it work just like how the S9 does what the VR headset I'm just curious like does it have the same look and feel because as soon as you plug in the S9 to the VR headset it takes you straight to the store and all that stuff in everything works fine I just want to know if the S10 isn't it do the same? Because I heard alot of rumors about S10 and Note 10 not caring anymore with a VR experience

  4. Okay I mean no offence by this but, how reputable is this YouTuber? I'm looking to buy a gear VR and I have a Galaxy s10 and this is my first video from him so I'm just wondering. I know he shows us and all but I'm just not very tech savvy.

  5. Is it still possible to purchase that USB c converter for the note 7 version? I got the repackaged one that only came with USB connection but I'm planning to upgrade my phone soon.

  6. You sure s10plus works with the older vrgear? I bought s10plus and it fits my vr but its off center and I'm told samsung has no adapter for this older model so i gotta buy the newer model.

    Did you have this problem? S10plus Off center with the older vr?

    But your phn on the older model looks pretty centered.

    Mines not centered.


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