VR Review: Jet Island (Tony Hawk-Spiderman VR)


VR Your Friends reviews Jet Island VR on the HTC Vive
Jet Island is what heaven must be like for people that compete in the X Games. Take flight on a hover board as you explore a gigantic island with big enemies to battle
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4 thoughts on “VR Review: Jet Island (Tony Hawk-Spiderman VR)”

  1. You can also get power ups for your fuel, jet power, grappling hooks, and air resistance by killing these flying sentries that show up around red glowing spots on the map.

  2. Hey, so you see those indications on the maps? Those red roman numerals? Those are the location of the bosses you need to fight before going against the worm.

    Anyway nice review, love seeing this awesome game get some more recognition!


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