Gun Club VR live Review (PSVR), Gameplay, The_Preacher Plays


Gun Club VR live Review (PSVR), Gameplay, The_Preacher Plays

Today I’m playing Gun Club VR on PSVR PS4 Pro. Review of this game is pretty good, it has accurate reloading, lots of guns and entertaining game modes wrapped up in a shooting range.

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This Video shows Gameplay and my Review + initial thoughts + impressions and Info on the game

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2 thoughts on “Gun Club VR live Review (PSVR), Gameplay, The_Preacher Plays”

  1. How is your tracking with two handed weapons? I find it doesn't matter where I put the camera or play with the in game settings I cannot get the tracking with two handed weapons to work.. Every other game I have including using the sniper rifle on Arizona Sunshine works great


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