Playstation VR Review 2019 – Still Worth It?


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47 thoughts on “Playstation VR Review 2019 – Still Worth It?”

  1. 4:32 haha, that face cracked me up!
    To be fair, not sure if that was intentional for the vid but you were incredibly close to the camera so I would expect nothing less then bad tracking. Still watching the rest of vid but wanted to point that out.

    Hahhhahahaha 13:00 your flat tone of narration over the top was amazing 😆

  2. Screen door effect is being able to see the individual pixels, giving you the effect of looking through a screen door. What you mentioned is something else, I know what you’re talking about but I don’t know what it is.

  3. The way you play farpoint… no wonder… i'm a little bit disappointed with todays "Gamers". In my 40 Years (!) experience playing Videogames, i was never so excited since having my first Telly-Console (mostly pong games) or having my first C-64, Amiga 500, or PC with VoodooGFX Card to play Doom and later Half Life (one of the first story driven movie like "rail-games" for all the youngsters. To state that "Rail-Shooters" do not have to be bad).
    Or my first Elsa Revelator 3D-Shutter-Glasses. I could play a few games on my PC in REAL 3D! Crappy, but an amazing experience then.

    I've also played one of these 90s VR arcade games you payed 5$ for 5 Minutes, and I was immediatly sick and dissapointed. Insufficient.

    But now it finally works! Even you have to be willing to compromise a little bit in Graphics or handling.
    But you ARE in the world now! Latency was the Key. Brain says: It's real. I am here! Despite the "bad graphics" or controls.

    I enjoy VR these Days so much. It brought me back to gaming like nothing else. Almost every night!
    I'm so happy to be alive to experience that. It will be the future of gaming! Mark my words.

    My dream of a holodeck has come almost real.
    And i hope to be still alive to experience the next generation. And the one after, and another one after that…. 😉

  4. thanks for the review! I am wondering I could get vr set without those special controllers. Is it worth I can Still play games with normal controller if it Still workds with vr.

  5. I’m really glad that sony made this a good experience. For a while I was concerned with people deciding they want to jump in to VR and having a bad experience because it would be cheap and just a “gag”, like it seems Nintendo is doing with Labo. However it seems Sony did a really good job making a quality, affordable VR experience that is made for a much much wider audience, as I’m sure there are many more ps4 owners than there are high end PC users. I have an oculus and high end PC myself, and ever since I have jumped into VR I love it so damn much. However because it’s hard for VR to steamroll because of the high price tag of a nice PC and a headset. However for people who already have a PS4 and want to jump into VR, Sony did a great job making a high quality affordable experience that people will try and be like “yeah, this is really fun and I would recommend this to my friends.” This also goes for the new oculus quest. I honestly just really want companies who are making affordable headsets to not compromise in quality, because if someone brand new tries VR and immediately tries a crappy phone based experience, or maybe labo would think it’s just a silly thing that they’d only do once. I honestly just want VR to catch some more steam and become more mainstream, and that’s what Sony and Oculus have been doing. However I still will be buying the index in August as I love VR and want the best experience

  6. I bought psvr on a bundle the other day and I love it don't get me wrong but my resolution for every game I've tried is really really bad and jagged. I have the ps4 slim and I'm thinking of getting the ps4 pro soon since I've heard the vr looks better in that one

  7. The ps vr is amazing. The games make you feel like your in the game world. Do yourself a favor and buy a swivel stool like the doctors use to sit on. That way you can turn left and right without having to worry about hitting a wall or tangling up the wires.

  8. Have a PSVR…..cables are a nightmare and can’t stand setting it up to play games, rush of blood gave me no motion sickness but grid and far point were so bad I had to lye down for hours 🤢🤢🤢

  9. For a 2019 review it needs to be 2nd gen headset and ps4 pro. I own a vive and rift and the pro and 2nd gen headset compete very well against them,sony does need to address the tracking issue,there are tracking issues with the rift also. Those who say you cant move or turn around with the psvr, yes you can.

  10. I love it but I feel the games have so far been disappointing, there haven't been any games to keep me coming back to vr apart from star trek bridge crew.
    I got the free vr level for star wars battlefront which if turned into a full game would be awesome !!

  11. Do you have to use the VR set standing up and with move controllers. I was thinking of buying the VR bundle (still skeptical) but I do have arthritis and standing/ moving can lead to aches/pains etc

    Can the system still be enjoyed sitting down and using DS4?

  12. After wanting one since before launch, I finally got mine a few days ago and I really appreciate this honest review–even on points where I don't necessarily agree like Skyrim: My wife was extremely skeptical but loves Skyrim so she finally and reluctantly tried it last night. At first she did not seem impressed with blurry text and downgraded graphics and it seemed like she might keep to her prediction of only trying it for "like 5 seconds", but a few ahem hours later she was talking about it being her favorite way to play!

    That might be my biggest surprise. Previously only experiencing through CardboardVR devices or brief demos and hearing nausea stories, I didn't expect it to appeal to people less geeky than myself… But the immersion factor can't be overstated: Mouselook and WASD movement come close, but simply looking at what you want to interact with just comes naturally and drastically minimizes learning curves such that you arent spending so much time trying train new muscle memory for a control scheme but can instead simply enjoy the experience.

    Sony's entry here is far from perfect, but taken as a whole, it is a magnificent achievement. But it is as they say, "the current year", is it worthwhile in 2019? Yes, absolutely. I hope it wont be too long before the next generation, but the fact that the PSVR user experience compares so favorably to systems like Rift and Vive that are far superior spec-wise tells me the overall value of PSVR will hold for the foreseeable future.


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