VR Review: Contractors VR (Early Access)


VR Your Friends reviews Contractors VR on the HTC Vive
Contractors VR is a 5 vs 5 tactical team-based shooter in Early Access on Steam.
Steam Store:
Marc Rebillet

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11 thoughts on “VR Review: Contractors VR (Early Access)”

  1. If you're good at VR shooters you don't have to respawn and walk all that much. Also as soon as you learn the maps you realize that depending on the tick of the objective you just leave that one and go to where you think the next one will be. Plus lets be honest War Dust sucks no one likes sniping lines. Literal lines. PEOPLE TURN INTO LINES

  2. I'm glad I left a postive effect on you my guy 😉 I absolutely love and recommend this game…clearly…
    Also I just posted a BFV video on my channel and I am in process of making a Contractors VR one too. So subscribe if you would like to see more. hmu if you wanna play some time guys!


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