Gal*Gun 2 : Doki Doki VR Mode – Review


Eden from HelixxVR reviews Gal*Gun 2: Doki Doki VR Mode – A DLC to play Gal*Gun 2 in VR for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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Windows Mixed Reality Fix:

Starting in VR Fix: Add -nohmd to Properties/Set Launch Options.

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A copy of this game was provided by the developer. Regardless of the content, we are grateful for it.


6 thoughts on “Gal*Gun 2 : Doki Doki VR Mode – Review”

  1. When i launch the game in vr, i get really low pixilated quality for some reason. Is there a way to make the quality better? Like raise the render scale or something….

  2. People seem to make a big deal about the game being supposedly "erotic"? But I find it quite comical and yeh it's flirtatious but I think erotic is a stretch? I don't have the VR DLC but then I am using a playstation and Sony seem to be suffering from questionable morals?


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