Echo Combat Review: Zero-Gravity VR Multiplayer Done Right (Rift Gameplay)


Echo Combat is a new $9.99 expansion pack for one of the most popular Oculus Rift games: Echo VR. In this video, I review the new game modes and why I think it’s one of the most have virtual reality titles.

With almost 1,800 reviews in the Oculus Store, Echo VR is a free zero gravity where you compete as teams in two competitive modes: Arena and the new Combat.

The new Combat expansion pack includes new maps weapons and two game modes: payload and capture the point.

Echo VR is a free download on the Oculus Rift which already made it a must have. Echo Combat brings two pretty fast-paced modes that require strategy and teamwork.

Do you think VR games like this can eventually be “real” virtual sports?


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5 thoughts on “Echo Combat Review: Zero-Gravity VR Multiplayer Done Right (Rift Gameplay)”

  1. Your cadence with the reviews could stand to be snappier and a little more brisk to capture attention better. Right now, it feels like you're really reading off a script for an instructional video.


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