Titanic VR | PSVR Review


Not quite a documentary, not quite a game, Titanic VR delivers a new immersive way of experiencing the historic events of 1912.

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36 thoughts on “Titanic VR | PSVR Review”

  1. towards the end of PS4 I finally picked up PS4 and lucky to score PSVR (1st gen) for less than 1/3 of price. πŸ™‚ I've been watching a lot of your reviews to select the VR titles to buy for my kids as well as myself. much appreciate all the effort you put to create these review that helps me greatly.

  2. I think the biggest impact a person can have on this game is that's when you find the bow right in front of you the first time…
    Sad and quite educational game…
    I think this game will be a will be a relic a few years for generations to come when the Titanic totally disintegrates…

  3. Seems like another case of a developer porting a game to another platform without even bothering to make sure the people paying for it get the same experience as everyone else. No doubt we'll have to pay the same amount for what is clearly not the same game as on pc.

  4. did download it thinking it was a vr tour of the ship as it was before the hit and during the hit ,,but a nice little game anyhow ,but i hate that you can only se out of the front the two others are just black

  5. Just played this today. I thought, from Spammels videos, it looked better than it did. The 1912 segment could have been a thousand times better, but its amazing to get that sense of scale and actually feel like you're at the wreckage. There's some more I wish it would let the player do, but its good for what it is

  6. It’s a shame that with VR (especially PSVR) we have stepped back in time to the hideous days of PS2.

    Why does EVERY GAME look cartoonish and unrealistic? Not only that but they’re always executed horrendously. Such a disappointment for something that at once cost so much money, before Sony realised what a mess they made of it and made it cheaper.

  7. Great Review! Have a quick question, the developers said in a update a few months ago that the game would also support the ability to play without a PSVR, much like the PC versions. Seems like the PlayStation Store says its now required, where you able to play without it?

  8. I love this game/experience. I loved it so much that i emailed them asking will they ever add anything like things to recover or something for more play time. Awaiting response. I want a submersible simulator. Guys check out GE sub sea. I wish for something like this. https://youtu.be/WQ1Sk9uKrQE

    Thanks pwp!!!

  9. hi guys long time no see!! this has just came up on uk store and was considering buying! miss you crazy fuckers but life is getting in the way of gaming and socialising, watching this makes me feel right back in the heart of your amazing community

  10. I can't justify the price, I was really looking forward to this but too not be able to just walk around the ship or to actually experience the feeling of that night is disappointing. $10 bucks is what it should cost.

  11. It was GREAT hearing your opinions of the game and the things you enjoyed about it. I feel you are very fair in your assessment of this release and wish I hadn't followed it so closely for two years as all the updates had me expecting something different.

    I am disappointed in the overall end product, but do not wish to dissuade people from making a purchase of the game. If you are interested in the actual ship wreckage navigation or the laboratory item restoration and research simulation, which is the bulk of the game, they nailed it. If however, you were like me and were mainly interested in the 15 minute VR show case sinking experience, I do not recommend it.

    I am a kickstarter backer and I followed this games development too close for the last 2 years. We were shown how the sinking experience was being created as a 3d VR experience. This experience is what I was most excited about and wanted to share with family and friends. VR is VERY impactful and immersive with experiences like this. It can give you the ability to experience events from history in a way no other medium can.
    Once the game released and after I was personally told by the dev team there were no major differences from the PC version to the PSVR version, I was shocked and confused to find the 3d VR experience was stripped out and turned into a flat 360 video that had no impact. The sense of being there was lost, and Titanic VR had become Titanic 360 with no update of these changes before hand.

    If I had known going in that what I had been anticipating and watching being developed for 2 years, would have to be removed do to system requirements, I would still have been disappointed but would have been prepared for it.

    The time to find out shouldn't have been after showcasing the Titanic VR experience for 2 years, releasing the game, waiting for people to buy the game, play the game and only then after the confused questions are posted, do you inform your customers that the content had to be stripped down.

  12. Reviews of games like this are one of the highlights of this channel, I have begun sharing this channel with friends already. As far as the game goes, I am a huge fan of educational games. My dream game is to have a virtual museum so I can admire and enjoy the world's art. I do get to travel the world a bit, and see some in real life, but to have a one on one with some of the works with a readily available data base to reference is my hope. I am sure there are some VR experiences like it, but low resolution impacts the experience. I am hopeful I'll get to have that in the near future.


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