Samsung Odyssey + Plus – The FULL Honest REVIEW – Best VR Headset?


HERE is my Full Honest Review of the Samsung Odyssey+ HMD VR Headset! In this review we will go over every single detail to understand if this device is worth the $500 and if this is new headset is an upgrade from the Samsung Odyssey that was released in 2017.

How will this new device compare to last year’s original Samsung Odyssey? Let’s get to the video to take a look at all the details to learn about what has changed on the most popular Windows Mixed Reality headset in the market right now!

What is the most important thing for you in a Virtual Reality Headset? Would you consider purchasing the Samsung Odyssey+? Let me know in the comments below!

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47 thoughts on “Samsung Odyssey + Plus – The FULL Honest REVIEW – Best VR Headset?”

  1. Not watching two 30 second ads, I was just curious as to what a Odyssey plus plus was lol

    Be sure and put a ? after it and not just give your opinion, that DEFINITELY makes ppl want to watch something…

  2. Did you now that phil Spencer is in the Microsoft business. And he didn't want the vr with xbox Scarlett. I wish you could talk to him about that. And why he doesn't want to have vr on the xbox Scarlett ok. Because only me and my friend want the vr headset to go with the xbox Scarlett.

  3. I got rid of my odyssey + because the sweetspot was too small and the Vertical Pupil swim was terrible. If you pan your head form left to right any vertical line will warp which breaks Immersion completely. The oculus doesn't do this. It sucks because the SO+ was amazing looking but the lenses are just not that great in my opinion.

  4. The controllers have bad quality control. Mine had a defective trigger out of the box, and resetting them completely broke the right one. It no longer turns on properly, even though it says "connected", it doesn't work, and says lost tracking instead. The tracking lights stopped turning bright, and it seems like something in the controller burned out.

  5. Thank you have convince me to wait before buying ….. see they have to make it for people who can not see to good … I can not see well close .. and I do not believe they are ready for VR . $$$$ and the cost plus all wires WOW that is so crazy . We still have a ong way to go !

  6. I like the odyssey plus, but the built in blue tooth tracking has issues. My right controller looses pairing during gameplay and sometimes I get a loud audio static noise blasting through the headset. I started using my original odyssey because this seems to be a defective problem with some of these headsets.


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