HTC Vive Wireless Adapter Review – Best Cordless VR Experience?


Do we think it’s worth it to buy the VIVE Wireless adapter even with its hefty price tag? And what about the TPCast? Which is better? All this, in this video.
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The VIVE Wireless adapter took us about a month to get setup. But, this might not be for the reasons you think. Check out this video to find out what happened and if we still recommend the VIVE Wireless Adapter!

Video timestamps:
– About VIVE Wireless Adapter 00:23
– Quick unboxing & Price 00:55
– Look and feel 01:39
– Setup 02:22
– Testing performance and tracking quality 04:08
– Why it took us a month to get it setup (compatibility issues) 06:23
– VIVE Wireless Adapter VS TPCast 08:23
– Conclusion 09:33

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PC Build:
► Motherbord: MSI MPG Z390 Gaming PRO Carbon AC –
► CPU: Intel i9-9900K –
► Cooler: Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB 240 watercooler –
► GPU: Asus STRIX-GTX1070-O8G-GAMING – (Will be upgrading this soon)
► RAM: Corsair 32 GB DDR4-3000 (2 x 16 GB) –

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35 thoughts on “HTC Vive Wireless Adapter Review – Best Cordless VR Experience?”

  1. Just wanted to let you guys know I recently got the wireless adapter(on sale on amazon for $250 :D) for my original Vive and it's working great on a PCI Express 2.0 slot running on an old intel 2600k . So maybe it might be a motherboard issue, HTC fixed this, or possible since I am using the orignal Vive and using a lower resolution display I don't need the same bandwidth as your PRO version.

  2. Thanks for the review and also while its been almost a year sense the video was posted, have you tried a standard Rj6 (some people call it coaxial cable) + coupler and longer cable for the HTC wireless adapter transmitter/receiver to pci express. Those cables are extremely common and cheap just not sure if it will work but looks like a close match.

  3. i got the wireless adapter it gets indeed pretty hot looks like they dont even know the problem as i contact them they wanted me to return it for another one… like lol it will happan with the others too dumb costumer support

  4. HTC Wireless adapter does get quite warm, even with venting. Definitely need a pad between the adapter and your scalp. The padding should be thicker.

    HTC should have provided better padding than what they supplied, especially for the price……OVER PRICED COMPLETELY!

    Battery life, should be longer.

  5. Well, I just ordered the Pro and the wireless solution. I guess we'll see how it works. A big deal for me, and what has kept me off of using VR is being tethered. My first setup, a WMR variant, is good but ultimately its just not ticking all the boxes for me. SDE, wires, and subpar tracking were all deal breakers. Excited to see that we have a wireless solution now, and that HMDs like the Vive Pro exist to pick the slack up where the lower market cannot.

  6. I think I'll stick with my cable suspension system, made from a couple of heavy duty retractable key holders, some cable ties, one curtain rod and a something to mount it on, much cheaper.

  7. Worth it, for sure. Since I attached the battery clip to the lower rear strap of my (original) Vive headset, using two velcro straps, I now have complete freedom. The added weight is slight, and not a problem for me. I also made my own heat and comfort pad by cutting up an old, unused eyeglass case.

  8. I wish I could exchange my TPcast Oculus for a Vive Wireless adapter.
    But it is also a question of 800.00 (vive plus wireless) vs 400 for an all in one in mid 2019 for Quest.

  9. Great video. I'm still on the fence due to the price being so high, but if I can pick one up on sale next week for a good price I will make the plunge. I also take issue with the really short battery life.

  10. Great Review! Thanks Girls! I wasn't aware of the pcie 3,0! I guess I was lucky 🙂 I can confirm though that the overheating issue with the original Vive is real… without an additional padding it's kind of dangerous. temps get over 54 celsius O.O

  11. Hey Cas dankjewel voor jullie review. Helaas zou ik gedwongen zijn om de TP Cast te moeten kopen omdat ik geen Vive heb maar enkel een Oculus Rift CV1, want die Vive wireless adapters zullen zeker niet werken met de Rift. Ik denk dat ik gewoon geduldig afwacht to de lente volgend jaar en dan zodra die uitkomt de wireless Oculus Quest ga kopen! Thanks for the Info dames! 😀


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