XTAL VR Review: The Best Wide FOV VR Headset Available? XTAL First Look & Review


This XTAL VR headset review will tell you all about the features and news regarding the best, and also the most expensive, wide FOV VR headset on the market today. XTAL is a 170 FOV and high resolution VR headset with custom developed lenses and OLED panels aiming the professional industry, and this review made during the VR Days exhibition, goes in-depth and step by step through all XTAL features, pros and cons and also comparing the current XTAL version with the new upcoming XTAL headset which has many improvements added.

Is XTAL the best wide FOV VR headset available on the market today? This review of XTAL will let you know all about it!

XTAL is already now available for order from the official XTAL website of VRGiners. You can also read more about the XTAL features and news, frequently updated here:


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28 thoughts on “XTAL VR Review: The Best Wide FOV VR Headset Available? XTAL First Look & Review”

  1. I will give my opinion on what the XTAL gamer version will be. This is just my viewpoint from being involved in the prototyping/patenting process.

    1. They don’t have the economies of scale to bring this out on their own. So I’m pretty sure they are partnering with a much larger “gaming centric” company, Razer for instance. This new “gamer” centric headset will be branded as a Razer with maybe sub branding by VRGineers. This is just my educated guess.

    2. The gamer version of the XTAL will offer similar or even greater FOV than the commercial version. This is because XTAL doesn’t rely strictly on panel resolution for its image. XTALs strength is its lenses. By the time this gamer version is available the lens technology will have increased by leaps and bounds hence it will have greater FOV than the commercial one I’m buying.

    3. It will be price in the $900 to $1500 range. I’m considering this to be the sweet spot for “High end” PC gaming gear. This is right on the threshold, but I believe this will be an exponential leap in VR and hence it will receive crazy amounts of PR.

    4. I think this “gamer” version will be available sometime in 2020, more than likely spring to be entered into financial quarter of the beginning of the year, or fall to be entered into last quarter of financial year. It all depends on what Razer needs to boost its share prices.

    5. To cut costs more than likely this headset will have inside out tracking of some sort. It might not have the built in hand tracking. It probably will have a mechanical IPD adjustment as this is just flat out cheaper to do.

    6. I believe it will make use of foveated rendering of some sort but not 100% on that. Since XTAL seem to be masters of maximizing panel technology, it might not be needed.

    So IMO the XTAL/Razer gaming version of this headset will truly be a generational leap. I expect it probably fall of 2020. I think VoodooDE/MRTV/Sweviver will have their beta headsets sometime in late fall of 2019.
    We’ll circle back to this post in a year and see how close I was. 😉

  2. dont you just love how these companies finally come out with high FOV tthen aim it at commercial when tthe tech is basically the same just bigger lenses lol ill buy starVR since they been in the game way longer


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