The First Nintendo Switch "3D VR" Headset – NS Glasses Review


People love a good bit of VR, so it’s no surprise third parties are trying to get a slice of that pie for the Switch. What are these like though?

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20 thoughts on “The First Nintendo Switch "3D VR" Headset – NS Glasses Review”

  1. Please do not ever support the campaign in indiegogo. There are many of the backers who have been conned and they failed to deliver the product as promised. You can read all the negative comments on their campaign page in indiegogo. We have all tried email, "contact us" form, indiegogo etc, and no response. Stay away from their campaign unless you have too much money to spare and would want to donate to these scammers.

  2. First of all sir and no offense to you or your review whatsoever and I applaud to you that you got your NS Glasses….. but here me out in this and everyone here reading this comment…..

    This is a scam! I contributed to get my own prototype for my own personal use so I could play my Nintendo switch comfortably on my bed. And guess what? They haven't responded to me, no tracking number and they blocked my rights on getting my refund when it said right there I had until June 9th to claim my refund back! DO NOT SUPPORT THIS FALSE CAMPAIGN! I GOT NO REFUND AND NEITHER THE PRODUCT ON MY DOOR!! These people are a joke!

  3. Not only is the VR fake, but the entire thing is a scam. The Indiegogo NS Glasses campaign has not delivered product to over a dozen vocal paying customers and has started falsely marking them "refunded" so they can't complain in the comments on the campaign.


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