Vive Wireless Adapter Review – A Wireless Future For VR


I review the Vive Wireless Adapter from HTC for the Vive and Vive Pro VR headsets. This accessory makes your Vive Virtual Reality headset wireless, increasing your freedom to move around your playspace. But, is it worth it?

01:09 – Vive Wireless Adapter Unboxing
02:25 – Vive Wireless Adapter Installation
04:01 – Vive Wireless Adapter Review

The Vive Wireless Adapter is available from HTC – £299 / $299

I received the Vive Wireless Adapter for free from HTC to review on the channel however I was not paid to make this video and my opinions are my own. Thanks for watching []-)

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39 thoughts on “Vive Wireless Adapter Review – A Wireless Future For VR”

  1. even with wireless capabillity i think vr still is not future of gaming. i really dont believe if gimmicks like VR, motion control, and streaming games service wiil replace traditional gaming experience.

  2. i have a (mother board ASUS prime b360m-k and a RTX 2080 super tho i can't equipe the wireless because the 2080 is way to large ( i have a Medium PC ) so RIP i can't plays with the wireless and having a small room is a REAL problem but i can't change that

  3. So, this works with the original Vive? Are we 100% on that?

    I do want to upgrade for the 88% higher resolution – but, to be honest, I'm still really enjoying the headset I've got – so I think getting the wireless kit first is probably the best bang for buck if it truly supports the older Vive. I can get the most benefit now, and hopefully a better price when I finally upgrade the headset too.

  4. In order to play longer attach a power bank to the HTC battery as you are playing, it's basically charging as you play so it can last more than 12hrs in my test run 😝👍🤘

  5. Hello people of the comment section, i require your knowledge.
    Recently I bought a htc vive pro aswell as the wireless adapter kit.
    Everything went well with the setup but when i launched steamVR i was met with heavy pulsing quality that gave me a headache after only a couple of minutes.
    no noticable latency issues or anything else, just the quality problem.
    I searched for the problem and found many others were having the same issue but i found no way to fix it.
    Just hoping one of you intellectual individuals know how to.

    i7 3770
    GTX 1080 gaming x
    regular 1tb hdd @7200 rpm
    Windows 10

    thanks in advance <3

  6. Bought the wireless adaptor a couple months ago after a couple of years on a wire. Used the wireless for a couple months and went back to the wire. My experience was a poor picture and sound quality that made me almost give up on VR. It looks like they are only sending every other pixel to the head set and the rest stay white. The freedom of the wireless is not enough to give up the quality of the visual.

  7. wow I was going to buy this and you talked me out of it because the 2 hour battery life and 6 hour charge time and screw buying a 2nd battery ill just deal with the wiles cuz I am a mad gamer and charging batteries is going to cut in to that


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