iFLY's Indoor Skydiving VR Experience


On ‘The New Screen Savers,’ Jason Howell jumps into a vertical wind tunnel with a VR headset to try out iFLY’s indoor skydiving virtual reality experience.

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12 thoughts on “iFLY's Indoor Skydiving VR Experience”

  1. i still think that it 4 me just wouldnt b worth it though flying freeflying iz my passion still in this world/ life its not worth it but thats just me cuz i dont lyke the thought of some1 holding me downe and im sure that it costs lots too and if they ask u 2 sign a wavier cuz they dont wanna b sued but than makes u regret going in da 1st place cuz its lyke u r being accompanied by the instructor who doesnt let u feel the excitement of artificially 4 awhile flying but kinda bumz ya out instead. so again iz this indoor sky diving thingie even worth it ? nawwwww not 2 me, no offense to any1 else im just being honest but if otherz chooze 2 try the ifly thing great cuz its them , im just sayin wat i thought cuz i never did it b4. so and i dont wanna be disappointed

  2. I went there today with my wife and it was good but I guess they charge too much for 4 minutes only. When your body and mind start getting along with it, it's all gone… Besides that. It's a great experience.

  3. Very thorough analysis of your iFLY experience. Nice job! I don't know if I caught this in the video, but have you ever skydived? Once you hit freefall that is exactly what it feels like. You don't get the acceleration feeling towards terminal velocity in VR, but it is as close as you can get to feeling like skydiving. Cheers!


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