Best VR Headset 2019 [WINNERS] – Buying Guide and Virtual Reality Headset Reviews


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⭐️ Mobile/Smartphone VR Headsets ⭐️

Google Cardboard (01:31) ➡️

Google Daydream View (03:10) ➡️

Samsung Gear VR (04:16) ➡️

⭐️ Gaming VR Headsets ⭐️

Oculus Rift (05:48) ➡️

HTC Vive (07:20) ➡️

Sony PlayStation VR (08:26) ➡️

Buying Guide (10:00)

All these links will redirect you to Amazon (.com,, etc.) where you can view detailed photos, features and the price in real time.

Which VR headset should you buy in 2019? We’ve taken a closer look at the VR headset options available today, both mobile VR headsets, also known as smartphone VR headsets and full-scale gaming VR headsets.

We showcase the very best VR headsets in this video, so that you can make a smart purchase. We’ve excluded Windows mixed reality headsets in this video, as we will save it for another one in the future.


40 thoughts on “Best VR Headset 2019 [WINNERS] – Buying Guide and Virtual Reality Headset Reviews”

  1. I got the PSVR, even with buying a PS4PRO it was still way cheaper than a VR capable computer and headset. At least before the Quest came out??? It is a great machine but unfortunately Sony has a degree of control over it that allows them to impose restrictions on how you can use it. They also have a strict, bizarre and frankly racist censorship policy. I am no lawyer but I have studied a little law at the University level and I wonder how that can be legally possible in my country? While we have nothing like the USA's bill of rights, citizens rights can not normally be compromised here? At least not legally.

  2. Loved the video, wish you would have listed the prices, but I understand why you wouldn't, If the prices changed in the future after you released your video. The prices in the video would be wrong so 🤷‍♂️

  3. most of the windows mixed reality head sets r far cheaper than the vive and rift. better quality and work on steam better. The HP reverb has 2160.2160 pixels per eye and is half the price of the the VR only headsets.
    Mixed reality is the future of VR gaming. If it takes off that is.

    Only reason why 3D failed was cause so many films didnt use 3D cameras and too many diff formats to choose from. active worked beter using SBS 3D which gave a lot more depth as that was 2 cameras mounted side by sif=de focused on dif parts of the scene. Thye dont work with passive glasses. Real 3d is also know as fake 3D as thta was filmed using a stadard 2D camera then conputet converted it to £D so far less depth but worked with passive glases. Its the same with VR and WMR. WMR covers more than VR does. and seems to be more compatable with windows than VR IS. Might be why steam r doing more for WMR than they r VR.
    Also u can make phone VR headsets work with a PC using 3rd party software. I managed to get a steam VR game to work using my phones VR headset. U pair the phone using the app to ur PC then the phone sceen works as the VR screen for the PC game and u can pick up phone VR head sets for under £10. Mine was £8 and it came with a controller which is steam compatable. considering Vive and HTC cost about £700 thats a nice budget system to get started with.

    Only prob i have with VR and WMR is wearing glases means not many will be compatable then u have the prob of not being able to get the lenses to focus very well. especialy if ur eyes need diff strenght lenses for each eye. Ive got 3 pairs of glasses for dif ranges but none will focus on the distance in VR glasses.

    So best option if u wear glasses is try out the headests in the shop before u buy them to make sure u can use them before u buy.

  4. Well the winner is clearly psvr as it has more then double the install base of its closest competitor, but the type of people who watch these videos dont want to accept that.

  5. Why is there no SD card slot ??? !! How to lose photos from the camera in the field / without internet, telephone and computer ????? You can plug in a pendrive and lose to pajama in glasses or play a video or video directly from a pendrive ???? !!!!!!!!!!!!! is Bluetooth?????????

  6. You left out the go I know you reviewed the rift but the go which I purchased two weeks ago is freaking phenomenal. Granted the go is my first experience with VR.. but like I said I think it’s phenomenal.and it was only$200.

  7. So far my experience with the Oculus Go device has been a great disappointment for the fact that it hasn't allowed me to purchase a single app, I've owned this device for well over 4 months and am now an expert on what one can have for free from this device but not being able to buy any apps makes this vr basically useless., My advice? Do Not Buy the Oculus Go … until they fix this problem.

  8. Good content. the high number of dislikes are probably resulting from the not-so-required and sometimes out-of-context visual cues. Get rid of those, views, likes & subs will go up for sure!

  9. I got my psvr Bundle with 2 games for $244… given the camera(very useful for all of ps4) both move controllers and games retail for $215. Pretty sure that's less by half. Also any ps4 user with plus already has games for it. Rift with the same set up will be 600+


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