Seeking Dawn – VR Game Review


Released this July for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PSVR, Seeking Dawn is a sci-fi alien world survival game where you are on a mission to find a lost group of troops. Joey Rassool takes a dive in the 23rd century of the FCR forces to explore this new planet and tackle its wildlife.

Seeking Dawn is available now.

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16 thoughts on “Seeking Dawn – VR Game Review”

  1. 1:28 Lefties are more capable of using things with their right hand compared to righties using their left hands…. as a lefty myself growing up in a righ handed world, I've been forced become ambitdexterous. If you lopped off the left hand of righties, they'd never ever notice.

  2. Great review.. much appreciated!
    Since it has had Patch 2.0 and is on sale for 15.00… Is it worth the buy? Hopefully the FPS will be better with the update.. I have a Nvidia 2080, i7 CPU and 32GB of memory. Also have a Rift S. Will the FPS at least be 60FPS for me? I was hearing most people had 30 to 40 fps.
    Please let me know if it is better now that it has been updated. Thanks a bunch!

  3. This is shit. Stop tellin us this is a step up. Vr is ass for the ps4. We want cod, gta, division, sports, multiplayer competition, battle field. Etc… Better vr racing games!!! Gran tourismo sucks ass cheeks with stunning graphics


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