Oculus Go Review – Standalone VR System for $200


Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/kds6z (affiliate link) – Oculus managed to release a fairly functional standalone VR system for $199. It’s a nice entry point for people looking to play with some VR experiences. See more VR: http://lon.tv/vr and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:54 – 32GB vs. 64
01:19 – System Specs
01:38 – Weight & Comfort
02:17 – Built in speakers
02:46 – Controller overview
03:19 – Battery life
04:10 – Ports
04:50 – Head tracking and video resolution
05:35 – App navigation
06:15 – Bladerunner 2049: Replicant Pursuit
07:05 – No six degrees of movement
08:30 – ISS Space Station Experience
09:33 – Star Wars Droid Repair Bay
10:04 – Land’s End
10:33 – Oculus Rooms multiplayer
10:58 – Binary compatible with GearVR
11:27 – No Killer app
12:02 – Media playback: Bigscreen and PC streaming, Plex, etc
15:26 – Conclusion and final thoughts

See an in-depth look at the Plex VR system running on Daydream (same experience as the Oculus):

Also check out more info on Plex:

I liked this more than I thought I would. The system feels very refined with very clear images and a very responsive head tracking system. I do miss the lack of six degrees of movement tracking but otherwise I think it’s a solid entry point to virtual reality.

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35 thoughts on “Oculus Go Review – Standalone VR System for $200”

  1. This a very misleading review as I've owned an Oculus Go device for quite some time and haven't yet been able to buy a single app from any store, including' ironically, the "Oculus Go apps", I've become completely disappointed with the reps. as they can't seem to help me with this problem, my advice – Do Not Buy the Oculus Go device- until they fix this problem, and yes I bought the more expensive version, all told about $285.00 from the Best Buy store in Reno, NV., Buyer Beware. PS also at appx. 15.58 you state that Now you do need a phone and earlier you said that you didn't.

  2. the Oculus Go is also able to display 5K movies. 72 frames/second is also possible on the oculus go. You can use a magnetic USB cable to connect an external battery pack. The ability to use the Oculus Go just as a streaming VR gaming headset connected to your PC is also a big plus. Some Steam games are able to be played on the Go. Also possible is to use the Microsoft Xbox One S (bluetooth) controller. Or the Steelseries controller on some games that support it.

  3. Hi, my wife has dry macular degeneration, her centre vision has gone, if she stands close to our 40 inch tv she can see clearly . Would this enable her to see, she watches tv she does not play games I do :)..we are in our 80s. If this could work and run from tv it would be great . Any medical people or manufacturers could give more info. Thanks for a great show gentleman

  4. For someone who already owns a Rift CV1, Vive, and Samsung Odyssey but wants something for movies on the go, would you say it's a better option than the Pico Goblin or comparable? I get a lot of chromatic aberration on the Pico. I also get a bit of drifting over time and have to reset the view to be in front of me regularly.

  5. Just paid 273. For the oculus,
    So far, its not a out of the box, ready to go experience for me . It is aggravating to set up. you need to be near or have wifi. once on that I hear it needs to be a certain type of wi fi
    I tried several times just to set and pair the phone to the Headset and it won't pair. I thought this wouldbe easy as hooking up bluetooth earphones. Apparently not . Already ready to bring this back, and 2 days, and still haven't even used this thing

  6. Are you able to watch all that video content without being in a 3D modeled environment? Just the video content in front of you full screen? Why would I want to make the image smaller and have all that distracting content surrounding it? No thanks.

  7. gateway drug ? didn't microsoft released the windows mixed reality (odd marketing term but still a VR headset) tech to OEMs, in order for them to build their own consumer headsets and sold to the market at a lower price compared to HTC vive and oculus rifts ? (samsung and asus WMR ( windows mixed reality) headsets would be counted due to higher prices) Have you review any of these WMR headsets ? some utube reviewers mentioned that the lenovo and Dell WMR headsets have good build quality and reasonably priced..

  8. The 3D kind of sold it for me. I don't have a VR capable computer and I was hoping something like this would come out. I have some Blu-Rays that are 3D that I bought that were pretty cheap . (They were a 3D and 2D combo pack that were cheaper than the standard 2D only, I guess the store was just wanting to get rid of 3D stuff because it wasn't selling well)

  9. The Snapdragon 821 isn`t a lower-end mobile processor at all, it was qualcomm`s flagship processor just 18 months ago, today it lags behind the 835 and 845 but it`s still a very capable chip. Xiaomi announced today their own version of this same oculus system (almost identical).

  10. I believe that headset also supports 72hz which makes it great for film playback. I found it much more comfortable to watch Netflix. I hope Vudu makes a client soon because they are one of the few digital stores that supports 3D movies. I know Oculus does offer 3D movies for sale but I already have a bunch of Vudu movies.


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