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It all comes down to your budget – if you’ve already got a high end gaming PC, huge amounts of space and money to spare, the HTC Vive Pro is probably your best VR Headset. But HTC aren’t the only players in town – Oculus has been making some moves, and mobile VR just keeps improving. Here’s our roundup of what’s available and worthwhile.

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5 thoughts on “VR Headset Roundup | Trusted Reviews”

  1. Good video. I don’t think VR has been quite perfected for prime time yet. I would be afraid to get a HTC headset as HTC could collapse or be sold as a company soon. The Oculus Rift seems a better bet but it’s been around the longest and it hasn’t taken off as a mass consumer product. There seems to be a lot of issues with VR which haven’t been ironed out yet. Hopefully an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Note type of VR product will hit the market before 2020. VR needs a true Flagship type product.

  2. So, just walked in circles and didn't answer the question this video was suppose to answer. You just showed all the options which most 95% of people interested in VR already know about. You did not even mention or showed ANY GAMES, not even the exclusive ones which is a big factor. What a stupid video.


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