Oculus Go Honest Review – Should you buy Oculus standalone VR headset?


Oculus Go Review – In this video I’ll quickly review Oculus Go which released recently as a standalone VR headset by Oculus. After Oculus Rift, this is the second VR headset that Oculus released in the market and it has one major characteristic: it doesn’t need any PC, console or even smart phone to operate! As a standalone VR device, is it better than Samsung Gear VR (Oculus Go Vs gear VR)? Should you buy Oculus go if you already have a Google Daydream? Should you consider Oculus Go if you have a PSVR? You can find the answer of all of these questions about Oculus Go in this video! I’ll review all of the new games and experiences for Oculus Go and Gear VR in this channel so if you don’t want to miss new games, you can consider clicking on the subscribe button.

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16 thoughts on “Oculus Go Honest Review – Should you buy Oculus standalone VR headset?”

  1. you should do a video about how not all phones are compatible with the oculus app. many people have inexpensive smart phones and the oculus app will not install on those phones. "Your device isn't compatible with this version." So instead of paying $200 US for the oculus go, some people might have to pay $300 or $400 after buying a new phone

  2. I have a Lenovo K5note, using the free AntVR. I'm pretty satisfied with this setup. And with Lenovo's TheaterMax Split screen, basically all apps can be view on a large screen infront of me. And with the AntVR fold compact design, it's very portable and i can touch phone screen directly w/o need controller. Battery last as the phone,around 4-5hours or more. Oh and it's priced fairly close to the Oculus Go. I think the point of all these expensive VR headsets is the "so called" immersion aspect. Which, is not really there. Availability of apps not really there too. Can i play/view all my Android games/apps on these VR? Say on a huge theater like screen in front of me? Lenovo's TheaterMax Split screen, yes you can. My AntVR broke last month, back at my lowly cardboard, 😓😨🤒🤕😭. And like an VR addict still at the withdrawal syndromes for a month now 😵 hehe; my question is, and this coming from that setup of VR experience, is it worth it to buy this Oculus Go? Or wait for the Santa Cruz version? I feel it's a waste of my money (which is not much hehe.) Or should i sell k5note for k8note with Daydream VR capable? Note that, I haven't tried or seen Oculus Go yet, should i just pass? But to be honest, i want one. Sigh.

  3. Great review. I have decided to stick to my beloved gear vr. I can't hang around 3 hours to charge the go and the fact occulus highly recommend that you don't play and charge at the same time. With my s8 I can fast charge within the hour and go straight back in the gear vr

  4. For media, I use streaming instead. If you can get a Wi-Fi connection while you are out and about, PlexVR is a real storage saver so long as you don't mind leaving your home PC on to run the server.

  5. Very fare review! I bought two of these and don’t regret my purchases bit. I have also been a oculus rift users since day one to put things into prospective. Some of the ports are perfect like pinball fx 2, catan, and ultrawings.

    Also it’s been confirmed you can charge it while plugged in. They just said the cord was too short so that was the reason for not using while plugged in. John Carmack oculus’ chief technician said so in a post. If you have another longer micro USB you’re golden. Just be sure to monitor the heat coming off of the face plate on the front and if it gets too hot (like real warm to the touch) take it off and let it continue charging until the front of the device cools down, then continue.

    I recommend a Aukey 30000 mhp battery. It will allow you to play for hours and hours without charging. But be sure you’re always monitoring the front of the headset. It gets less hot using a battery bank in comparison to a wall socket while playing.

    I just wanted to give people some observations of my usage and make your own decision.

    It’s a fantastic device I highly recommend it.

  6. 5:22 When at home, Plex and Skybox apps are useful for streaming video stored on your home PC to your headset. But on the road,, 32GB isn't enough. If getting it ,everyone should be getting the 64GB.

  7. Nice

    I have heard that the FOV, lens and SDE are better on GO vs gear S8 S9 combp

    But like you I knew the monitor would not have as great colors.

    Blacks make a huge difference.

    If you get a chance try a Samsung Odyssey.

    I have one now and the monitor is gorgeous.

    I am very happy with it and the inside out tracking works well for me


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