Playstation VR, Is it Worth it?! In Depth Review!


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9 thoughts on “Playstation VR, Is it Worth it?! In Depth Review!”

  1. One thing that would make PSVR Asi much better is if there is an option for a move controller with an analog. And if there is one that’s not for the ps3 please can some on point it out please and thank you

  2. I sold mine 2 weeks after bought it. Most of the games are DEMOs. It’s blurry, graphics looks really bad when you used to play on a huge 4K tv. Don’t waste money on this one Sony system in not enough powerful to render VR games. Feels like a 1980 experience to be honest.

  3. nice review. I remember when Un Boxing My Doom Bundle and getting to the headset thinking "Wow,Way lighter than I thought"

    I enjoyed the HUGE manual as well! Very to the point and clearly done.

    I'm hoping and would love to see 100% Wireless VR in the future . I think SONY is suppose to be at some point updating the Move controllers to add a Analog to them.


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