Lenovo Mirage Solo VR Headset Review!


We test and review the Lenovo Mirage Solo standalone virtual reality headset! What makes this headset unique is its Worldsense inside-out tracking system, which gives you six degrees of free movement while using it. We show how that works, its limitations, and see what 6DOF adds to Google’s Daydream VR platform. Plus, we review Beat Saber!

Disclaimer: Lenovo provided us with this test unit for review.

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48 thoughts on “Lenovo Mirage Solo VR Headset Review!”

  1. $400 for a glorified Daydream (which in itself is a glorified google cardboard), no. I would get a Oculus Quest. It has those tracked controllers, and Beat Saber and other great games.

  2. Don't buy that out priced junk and it's junk had it sent it back oculas go way better I can't believe they think that junk is worth $400 big deal it tracks so what the oculas go is way better and cheaper!!!

  3. i find the oculus go extremely uncomfortable. it digs into my checkbones. also, 'space' travel is not real. the surface of the earth is a flat plane covered by an impenetrable dome. the sun, moon, and stars are very small and actually inside the dome. below its surface the earth extends to untold depths. outside of the dome is not 'space' but water

  4. Here's an honest review: Very few apps support 6DOF. Although it's nominal effort by the developers, it's still effort which means they have to pay for it. They have to spend money on development time to create a new build to support 6DOF. Then you have the Daydream platform which has perhaps only 1/4 of the number of applications available in it's store. The quality of the apps (graphics, complexity) feels a generations behind GearVR and if you look at Oculus Go exclusive titles like Thumper, it feels a few generations behind. With the Lenovo Mirage the customer is paying an extra $200 (over the Go) for poorer quality experiences with the novelty of 6DOF for a few dozen apps that happen to support it. As a product the Lenovo VR has been a failure, while Go sales have slowed down, it has a strong launch and has been a success. I'm not trying to beat up Daydream or the Lenovo Mirage, but customers deserve honesty before they drop $400 on a product that has so far failed in the market. Developers have been given no incentive to update their apps or create new apps specific with 6DOF in mind (why the hell would they, with only one horribly selling product on the market to support it). Perhaps Google's WorldSense technology does have a future and we will see a revised Daydream viewer to support it (that would be nice), but an Oculus Go

  5. Please tell me if I am missing something. this vr headset is 400$ I'm on oculous rift page and they are selling rift for same price. why would anyone choose the Mirage solo over a rift? Now don't get me wrong. I'm still learning about vr after trying it at best buy for the first time. I'm actually curious; I only tried the oculous rift and go. But from what I understand unlike the oculous go that is 200 witch actually has an acceptable reason for such downfalls; being that its made for a budget. while this standalone comes with most of the downsides and also one or two benefits but seems to pale in comparison to the rift. why would I put out similar price to an oculous rift when I can get the go and have a similar experience that is actually cheaper?

  6. I can't believe you're Oculus shills. I used to trust this channel for VR reviews. But now? Ehhh fuck it. 6dof? This is by far the beast non-tethered headset by leaps and bounds. No shit software support will catch up.

    You gushed and sucked the Oculus Go's dick for minutes, and the tone of this review is nothing but negative Nancy despite being a clearly superior headset. If you don't back 6dof, then get fucked. $200 price tag be damned.


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