Oculus Go Review | Best First VR Headset for EVERYONE?


Review Oculus Go VR Headset, real life usage review and setup of the Oculus Go standalone VR headset. Does it worth the money? Let’s find out.

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37 thoughts on “Oculus Go Review | Best First VR Headset for EVERYONE?”

  1. I'm sorry if my questions sound stupid but my 12 year old son wants this for Christmas and I'm wondering if you could explain a few bits to me please.
    1) will it work on a Samsung or cheap phone cos we dont Have iPhones?
    2) we dont have Facebook accounts either so what do we use to get it started? Will an email work?
    3) do I have to pay more money for games or movies he wants to download? I do not want to be nagged for more money like I am for he's Xbox..thank you so much. I'm not used to these things as I've no interest but I'm thinking about getting it for him. 😀

  2. Im honest i like boobs, womans and porn. If you like watching porn get a fucking oculus trust my review. Since if got a oculus i never watched porn on tv again. I watch porn since the 90s and vr is by far the best experience. This came from a guy who still watch porn when he have a girlfriend XD

  3. This product sound interesting, but if I cant use it on a PC laptop without having a mobile phone to first install it, this product is no good to me. I dont have or need a mobile phone and my laptop is an I7 with Bluetooth and wireless capabilities. Nice that the price of the Oculus GO is 200 dollars, but you also need a 500-1000 dollar mobile phone to make it work-nonsnese. Until that changes, you wont see me with any of these wireless VR units. Note I do have the Oculus Rift and works great. Was just investigating units that dont need wires connected to headset. take care.

  4. i was excited to see you didn't have to use a phone but then you said you had to have one to set it up. i was looking forward to getting one but i don't have a phone i have no use for one, maybe i can find one that uses a pc. i can't see buying a phone just to use for this. thanks though nice tutorial.

  5. Limited by memory. The 32gb version does not allow the full 32gb. How much of that is taken up by the operating system?

    No sd card support harms and limits this.

    This is why I like my gear vr as I have sd card support up to 256gb and the games transfer to the card.

  6. OK. Once I set up the Oculus Go at home (couldn't at work) it seems to work without the need for my phone. All yesterday it would ask for WiFi and I would have to manually connect the wifi through the downloaded Oculus app on my phone. Today, however, it just works without my phone both at home and at work. It appears that once you're set up through the phone the Oculus remembers the settings so you don't have to do it. What this does is show me what possibly may be the next version might be like without needing setup through a secondary device like my phone. The next iteration will be cool. I did notice an improvement in visual clarity after studying videos playing. Its better quality was very noticeable but not so much anywhere else.
    My conclusion is that for $200.00 it might be worth it but only if you really feel the need to jump in. I bought this for my workplace in order to show VR easily.
    My issues about software: Hulu and Netflix need to allow for NO background. Hulu needs to give me an option of not having to be in a ski lodge. It is cool for watching video. Oculus Home is pretty cool. Most of the apps are pretty lame. It gave me a headache after an hour. It's possible I still have the straps too tight. Still no easy way to use aframe.io webVR in a browser. I tested the browser in Oculus GO and once I launched into VR in WebVR through a browser the native webVR controls didn't work. They work in all other browsers. My thought is that they purposely avoided keeping that functionality in the browser but maybe it's just that they assume I want to stay in their environment and not use webVR. Knowing Facebook it's probably the first though.


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