Unboxing Oculus Go Review! (Facebook VR)


Facebook VR has now arrived!! I hope you’re as excited as I am, because this is my unboxing Oculus Go review!

Oculus Go 32gb: http://bit.ly/oculusgo32gb
Oculus Go 64gb: http://bit.ly/oculusgo64gb

Facebook’s Oculus Go headset is my favorite virtual reality experience so far. It’s incredible comfortable, fairly light weight, and NO CABLES ATTACHED!

Once you have the Oculus Go app installed on your phone and you have it connected to wifi you are ready to go.

The interface and controller are very easy to use and shockingly accurate. You can even update your home area with different landmarks from around the world.

In my opinion, Facebook VR: Oculus Go is a hit and a must try at the low price point.

What are your thoughts on the Oculus Go? Will you buy one, or is it a pass?


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  1. Hey Austin can I make a request? Can you test out a app called Vridge? This is an app that lets you play oculus and vive games from your PC and streams them to gear vr or cardboard, just wanna know if it works on this. Thanks!


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