Oculus Go review: $199 standalone VR headset


Oculus Go doesn’t need a phone and it’s not much different from Gear VR, but it works well: we test it across both coasts.

Oculus Go has arrived: Facebook’s portable VR system breaks the $200 barrier: https://www.cnet.com/news/oculus-go-available-now-price-breaks-200-dollar-barrier/

Amazon link – https://amzn.to/2MMYwGR

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48 thoughts on “Oculus Go review: $199 standalone VR headset”

  1. I found that this console had problem with extended usage causing overheating which would cause large yellow dots that are there permanently

    Edit: Its not sun damage because it worsened as I used it for an extended period of time and it was 10:00 PM and all my lights were off

  2. I find the oculus go live action 3D experiences to be underwhelming from the stand point that quality of the video is only 1080p which is good for a video on a phone or TV but when it is supposed to immerse you into a new world it misses the mark especially since I found some things to be difficult to even make out

  3. If it included two front facing cameras then it would be great to document and share vacations etc. Of You can always buy a dedicated VR camera, Seems useful also for watching movies in a large cinema while traveling or lying in bed, sport games,virtual travel, remote access pc from wifi while keeping screen private, also ease of use compared to booting up pc for VR media consumption. Of course I'm not a big fan of only using internal storage.

  4. $199 is a good price but at my school we are doing a apex fun run and they have the Oculus Go I really want it but it would be $1,500 or $1,800 because its $50 dollars each lap and the average amount of laps is 30-36

  5. Exactly like my Gear VR experience. If the inbuilt screen makes it a little lighter that will be a good thing. Everyone should understand though that VR is a once week thing, play for an hour or so during free time at home, enjoy some great game content like End Space or Infection:VR Horror which will scare the pants off you! Then put it away for another week. It's not something for every day use. P. S. Make sure you have high speed WiFi for streaming use. Anything less than 40mb a second won't work well.

  6. Is it worth getting over a Daydream 2? I know it is self-contained but the Daydream uses a phone that lasts longer in VR mode, has USB-C, has Bluetooth audio out, and more storage, hmm idk. I would only hope that daydream interface can catch up to the Oculus software which is dominating at this point.

  7. i have a wmr headset and i also will be getting this device aswell because i have a pc and not a laptop and i want to watch movies in vr but its just so uncomfortable in my chair so with this ill be able to lay back in bed or on my couch and maybe ill get one for a freind and we can watch movies togther in vr and the display sounds way better then the wmr headset i have and also. for the people being negative on it u just have to look at what its good for and judge it for that which i think what its good for is awesome for the price


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