Samsung HMD Odyssey Mixed Reality VR Review For Sim Racing


One of the biggest topics for discussion in sim racing is the need for , or the benefits of VR. Ask 100 people about ti and you will get a wide variety of different answers. As this technology grows we are seeing different variations of VR.

Samsungs latest is the Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality Headset. Instead of the towers to watch over the headsets movement it uses internal cameras to triangulate its movements. Will that be fast enough for sim racing?

In this review Shaun test out the Odyssey specifically for sim racing. Sure it comes with bluetooth hand controllers, but Shaun wont need the for sim racing. This is the Sim Racing Review of the Odyssey, there are plenty of other reviews for gaming.

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30 thoughts on “Samsung HMD Odyssey Mixed Reality VR Review For Sim Racing”

  1. I see you taped up that stupid blue led on your monitor. I don't understand why the engineers are doing these things. Good review btw. I'll hop on VR when it's really ironed out, not sure when that'll be.

  2. Ok! I just thought of something here about all this. One review mentioned not having mirrors that can interfere with the camera tracking. So I'm thinking hmm! For the issue you're having or had with the Samsung Odyssey HAD, sure try the suggestions from your readers, watchers, and subscribers;… But consider trying with turning off your monitor. The camera could be sensing from it's reflection.

    Just my thoughts and op.

    GOD Bless!!!
    Love All!!!

  3. Hey, how do I launch iRacing to get full vr? I am in the "virtual house" but iRacing is still windowed, and I don't know how to launch it fully, it just is 2d in that virtual house. I've been looking everywhere but can't really find an answer. Do I need steam VR?

  4. Remember next time you race in VR, there is a setting in AC called "lock camera to horizon."

    I think this setting is a must for VR users. It is kind of weird when you race on an oval, or hit an oval section like on old Monza or Riverside. But the setting helps with motion sickness.

  5. What did you mean when you say it doesn't work well with triple screens? You have a rather bad setup for VR as far as your computer goes. What do you have against windows 10? How is this a con.. windows 10 is the standard. You sound like an average normie.

  6. The performance difference is due to different resolution between the Samsung and the mainstream headsets. The Rift and Vive (v1) are twin 1080 displays–the Samsung is twin 1440 displays. As far as anyone can tell, the exact same panels in the Vive Pro (which is ~$800 for JUST the headset now), just so much sooner and so much cheaper.

  7. Nice review!
    VR is the thing that have made the most for my sim racing. I have gotten faster, and it's also easier to be a safe driver do to the enhanced awareness of your surroundings.

  8. I love how reviewers make a scene out of pixel resolution…. the reason they are the res they are, is not because of technical limitations of displays… it's the general standard for graphical horsepower available to the consumer.

    They can make higher res screens. But if you cant run it at 90hz… who will they sell it to?

    Consumer products are specced to run for consumer hardware. The product is created to meet consumer needs and abilities.

    Unless we get a major jump in GPU power… don't expect higher res screens to be a better experience. That's not how it works.

    VR is amazing. Clarity is as good as we can utilize today. And it is only going to get better

  9. Racing on a screen in 2018? an example you can understund simracers: its like the first time you try load cell brake. the first minutes when its not natural and you need to train muscle memory. or maybe your first wheel after you had a controller for sometime. Well for VR its same, your brain need to train, and for visuals it takes more than a couple of hours to understund that potentiometer braking is too old and difficult compared to load cell. I cannot understand people not making the move yet. I cant even formulate this comment correctly lol I dont know what you moved from but I moved from 3 1080p high end projectors setup and I cant go back. Low resolution you say .. before triples I used a 4k projector with 3d, yes 3d. Iam fine with resolution of the oculus, god take some pixels off VR I will still race VR lol The brain fills the gaps, I dont see them anymore. Go get one and race on it for a month you will understund how stupid it is to not use your hobby at its fullest potential. The feel of presence beats eye candy anytime. iam starting to think that maybe VR has devided simracers/simracers from simracers/gamers. Because as a simracer/simracer you should value presence in a car, track and 3d distance measuring anytime over eye candy flat screen I think. Gamers dont care about presence, its not like they want to feel like they are holding a gun and shooting people. OFC its one mans opinion. Some people will still not like it but im sure 90% of the ones waiting for it to get better will feel very stupid after they get one and use it for enough time. Cheers

  10. Funny that those who have spent years training themselves on triples will give VR a couple of hours then declare it not good enough. When racing in the pancake world it takes time to train your brain. There is no depth so you must learn how to interpret visual clues as depth of field. After hundreds if not thousands of hours your brain has built a conversion system in your memory. That will not be undone in a few hours of VR. You will never get the pancake world you are seeking in VR. I had a very small amount of single screen racing before getting the Rift and then the Odyssey. I had no training to undo. I would not race again without VR. It does not require any training of my brain. There is no learning what visual clues mean. Everything is as natural as driving in the real world.

  11. Turn your front monitor off and place some post its on the screen for better tracking. You need stationary objects for the inside out tracking to work well. You and your headset should be moving not the environment The post its are for your flat blank screen when it's off or have a static image on your center monitor. It's like having the Vive/Rift sensors moving while trying to track you and your headset which will not work.

  12. With my Samsung VR unit… I had to replace the face cushion with a 3rd party (VRcovers) to make it more comfortable and eliminate the light leak. Because the new cushion is more comfortable, I'm able to tighten the HMD to my head. Also… you can now use VIVE's tracking with the Samsung Odyssey by using the OpenVR software.


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