Skyrim PC VR Impressions and General Review


Karak takes a look at Skyrim VR on the PC, usable on Rift, Oc, and WMR devices.

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40 thoughts on “Skyrim PC VR Impressions and General Review”

  1. I probably spent three or four hundred hours playing the original Skyrim. I had many horses, constructed many homesteads, and loved the bow and arrow. My Oculus Rift has arrived and I will be setting it up this week. Steam's winter sale is on right now, so I'm going to go to Steam and purchase this game thanks to this video:)

  2. Hello pc people. I have never (really) played this game before and now have it on psvr, and absolutely love it. I'm surprised you said it was vomit inducing on psvr? Do you mean that somehow motion sickness is more prevalent on psvr or do you mean the graphics are very bad in psvr? Personally I think they are awesome, but I'm not a pc gamer. If the graphics are massively better on pc vr then I may have to reconsider my original cost-verses-reward decision of pc vr.

  3. Complaining about a newly released updated vr version of Skyrim and paying for it is the same as having a Honda Civic from '97 and bitching you have to pay for a '02 model, kinda silly when you put it into perspective there huh? or how bout this, if you have so many issues with it just return it, or maybe just don't buy it in the first place just to bitch about it immediately after using it.

  4. Hi there ACG..
    I notice you tried the PSVR version of Skyrim and the windows mixed reality… How does the tracking between the two HMD's controllers compare especially when using weapons like the bow.. Cheers in advance

  5. To me an ancient game is one from the 90's Anything 2010 and younger is still perfectly playable by today standards. I get so tired of how spoiled people are.
    Oh that games 2 years old Ew!. And they act like its a game from 1985… Like as if, if your not playing a game launched 2 months ago, your way behind the times.
    Honestly Skyrim looks better then 90% of today's games when you account for the scale of the world.

  6. It's just incredible modded with excellent texture packs graphics on a 1080 ti vive, it's just unreal.

    The best part isn't even the 3d vr surround visual effect, the best part is how you can move your weapons and bow – i always used to play mage but now melee all the way. VR is worth it.

  7. Bethesda doesn't care if you spent money on VR equipment and computer hardware, in business you generally put more money into games that took more time to make, "Skyrim: Special Edition" costs $40. "Skyrim: VR" had to implement VR controls for every VR platform out right now so it costs 60$

    TL:DR If you don't like the price don't buy the game, that simple.

  8. so is fallout worth it now? have they fixed it? i ask because im between skyrim and fallout but i honestly would 100% get fallout if its working. i just really dont want to jump into game files and stuff as i never have luck with that stuff.

  9. To everyone bitching about Skyrim being released again: we get it. You want Elder Scrolls 6. So do I! But this is a VR title. What do you expect? Bethesda to take millions and millions of dollars to fund a brand new AAA VR adventure RPG from the ground up, on a new unproven technology still in its infancy? Or to work VR into one of the most successful games EVER, which also happens to be a game that would lend itself well to VR? The bugs and limitations of Skyrim are very well known, but they are not well known for VR. This is one of the best ways to help make VR better for every game coming forward. No one's forcing you to buy every version of skyrim that comes along, but being able to play a title on a preferring platform is always good for the consumer, always. Cash grab or not, I'm just hoping the money helps fund elder scrolls 6.

  10. Although I am a huge fan of Skyrim, I am quite disappointed with Bethesda reselling it for such a high price. After all we are talking about 7 year old game. Really shows what the game industry has turned into- a huge money-grab. Thank God for God of War. I almost started giving up on single player gaming.

  11. I'm not saying that teleport locomotion is something nobody at all prefers. But I am yet to meet one person who actually likes teleport locomotion. Personally I cannot stand games that have teleport motion, ironically tele motion actually gives me a headache. Maybe it's just me, but it feels unnatural.

  12. Sure, everyone is joking about how many times they've released Skyrim.. But that's capitalism. The marketing department told them a VR port would be more profitable than a new ES game (or a new batch of content in any form) – and thus they're only doing what makes sense financially.

    Why there's still a massive market for this game? Your guess is as good as mine.


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