Nikon 18-55mm VR II Kit Lens Review (BEST NIKON LENS EVER?)


Nikon 18-55mm VR II KIT Lens I’d say is one of the most underrated lenses.

Check out the lens HERE:

When I first got this camera, this was also my first lens as it came with the kit. Although there are MANY downsides of this lens talked about in this video; I talk about WHY I love this lens.

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23 thoughts on “Nikon 18-55mm VR II Kit Lens Review (BEST NIKON LENS EVER?)”

  1. thnks bro watching this vid means a lot to me. im using kitlens as well same nikon d 5200 im new to photography.. still learning the basics of videography and photography.. godbless and im a new subscriber

  2. This lens stayed on my d7100 used for work, a very versatile and competent lens: but the other con about it is the plastic mount. Never pick a camera up by this or any other lens – my mount broke and now causes random errors making it unusable.

  3. Awesome lens, buy a twist on rear cap for it and a good circular polarizer and you will be shocked with the results…I bought mine used for $70 and it is great for landscapes and waterfalls on my D7200

  4. I used Nikon DSLR camera all my life and the 18-55 mm kit lens have helped me a lot to achieve the image that I always wanted because I was a beginner that time, since then I practiced and learned everything that i needed to know at least the basic and components of my camera, through time and learning I was grateful enough to know that a lens like this has so much to offer as well, so now I upgraded into higher mm lens because there is a need for me to have it..Great message you have on this video, and yes investing to an expensive camera or a lens will not make you a good photographer if you don't know the fundamentals of it…and thanks for sharing!

  5. One of my gig for $1500 was shot with this lens. It was the last minute gig and I didn't have any wide lens on me, so I went to a pawn shop and found this lens. I still have it today 🙂

  6. BVC Co. Great information and tips.I have picked and learn some awesome things for your YouTube channel thank you. I wanted to ask you about the music video you did with the Nikon kit lens,which I also have.What editing things did you do in post? Before filming did you bring down all picture control settings? What 18-55mm lens, aperture and mm setting you used 18mm,24mm,etc? and finally I watched you videos on Yongnuo 35mm f2 lens, which I will be getting soon, do you see that the Yongnuo lens is just slightly more cinematic in quality compared to the 18-55mm? Thanks much for your information? Peace.

  7. I have the 1st gen of this lens. I want to shoot a video of a person speaking (interview), but as soon as the person moves the slightest, the lens is refocusing and is loud af. What can I do about it, if anything?

  8. smacking my forehead and calling ma self stupid … I though VR meant Virtual Reality no Vibration Reduction …. hahahahahahah … thanks for the video … might buy it … I love Canons though !


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