Bravo Team PSVR Review: Tactical FPS for Virtual Reality | PlayStation VR | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage


Bravo Team is tactical FPS for PSVR, and in this review we’re going to consider whether it’s worth playing for PlayStation VR. Alongside the review, we’ve included several minutes of PS4 Pro gameplay footage.

Review code provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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45 thoughts on “Bravo Team PSVR Review: Tactical FPS for Virtual Reality | PlayStation VR | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage”

  1. Meh… looked amazing, but then totally lost interest when he said you don't have free movement. Man, VR will take off: when you can play Far Cry that way, which I'm expecting from next-gen. But if you can't even deliver full movement in a linear corridor shooter: geddoutaherere.

  2. Ruined for the game because of liberal fucking cry babies who get motion sickness and of course don’t and game developers fuck the whole point of VR up for fucking faggot liberals who ruin everything , fuck them

  3. Me and my friend played through the entire game and had a blast role playing while we were playing it was a blast to play you can check out the video if you like on my YouTube. page but otherwise great video man.

  4. I like this game a lot this better than playing airsoft game where u dress like a commando and shoot with your bb gun in the park or in the jungle even it repeatative its fun shooting enemies in realistic environment those who dont like this game never play war games or counterstrike in pc before try playing airsoft in the field and u will now what iam talking about

  5. Played this solo with AI partner and found the game ok.As it came with the aim controller at a bargain price of £49.99 I couldn't have cared less if it was terrible as buying the controller alone costs £70+ and so virtually got the game for free. Now I can play Farpoint with said controller.Will give it a go on multiplayer just to see what that plays like.

  6. It saddens me to see good developers wasting their time & money making VR games. Why limit your success to those who have VR AND those who actually enjoy VR games? I have a PS VR & the thing has been in the closet for months.

  7. I was so looking forward to this game for ages, downloaded yesterday and £@:!2!-) you kidding, I was board after 15 minutes and wasn't even worth getting the VR headset out of the draw for.

    Utter pants and I should of read the reviews and thoughts as such.

    I've been robbed

  8. to me the game overall is good. not badass but good lol…you have to understand that even though its been out for 2 years, this technology for games is still relatively pretty new. that being said is hard to please all different types of gamers out there and also keep in mind that motion sickness is a huge problem for many people out there so trying to make the game not make people sick is a challenge in itself

  9. Couldn't get into it. Had to restart the game after five minutes because it failed to trigger the next wave of enemies on the first level. Also, the scale is totally off. Everything looks way too big. My arms are enormous, the gun is too large and so are objects in the environment. Big dissapointment, returning it now!


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