Oculus rift unboxing and review VR 2018


Unboxing and review on the oculus touch controllers and oculus rift boundle 2018.

Sorry for bad English, will get better.


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  1. I spent 2200$ on a VR ready PC that was spose to work with everything.Gtx 1080Ti 11 g,Kabby Lake.But it has been a fucking nightmare.I have had the computer for about 2 weeks.When I first powed on the PC the oculus didnt work.Took me forever to find a solution.I updated the graphics card and it worked for like 3 hours and never worked again.I know it's not the cable,there is some sort of conflict or something going on.All I can say is I know computers somewhat and I cant figure it out after talking to NVIDIA,MSI,and Oculus.So if you have no Idea about computers your FUCKED!


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