REVIEW: LG 360 VR Headset (HMD) for G5/V20 (3D)


LG 360 VR R100 Virtual Reality Headset, 3D Video Glasses
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Easy Control
Enjoy with 360 Contents
Compact and Portable

Enjoy with 360 Contents
Surround yourself in the newest 360 and 3D games, thrill seeker videos, sports events, and concerts available out there with the LG 360 VR’s clear display.

Compact and Portable
Plunge into another world with this light-weight, compact, and portable viewer.

Technical Specifications
Display 1.88″ x 2 EA, 639 ppi Real RGB
Optic Horizontal FOV (field-of-view) 80° lens
Sensors 6-axis (Gyro & Accelerometer) Proximity Sensor
VR Type Multimedia Headset & Mobile Tethered Type
Dimensions 164.1 x 185.6 x 45.9 mm
Weight 4.12 oz.
USB Type USB 2.0 & USB Type-C™ Port
Headset Solution 3.5 mm Headphone Jack


27 thoughts on “REVIEW: LG 360 VR Headset (HMD) for G5/V20 (3D)”

  1. If they haven't already, I'm assuming they'll come up with a two way USB adapter that allows a second USB to be plugged in and be attached to an outlet or charger so you won't have to rely on just your phone's power to use it.

  2. How is the video file compatibility? Can it play back a regular 2d mkv file, just duplicating the image for each eye? Can the video fill the entire display, or can you only view videos within a 3d theater?

    I have a cardboard headset that I have used to watch 2d mkv files, filling the entire display. No 3d theater nonsense, just good for laying down in bed or on a plane. The headset is a little bulky and heavy though, so this small one would be very cool.

  3. Get a Usb type c hub for couple dollars and can charge it simultaneously or run off an power bank, or alternate option, get a extended battery back and cover kit with either a 6000mah or 10000mah extended battery pack,


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