Roland VR-730 V-Combo Performance Keyboard REVIEW


Ready for the stage, the V-Combo VR-730 is designed for pro performers looking for easy to carry, top of the range sound!

This keyboard is crafted for versatility and allows you freedom to of expression without complex operation of difficult adjustments.

If you’re looking to play authentic vintage organ sounds, the V-combo VR-730’s got your back. It replicates the workings of a real tone wheel organ exactly whilst also giving you the ability to alter and adjust the tone for any style.


6 thoughts on “Roland VR-730 V-Combo Performance Keyboard REVIEW”

  1. is it possible to delete one layer of the loop ? (lets say you played bass and second you played piano and made mistake and you want to remove only the piano, can you do it or you have to delete the entire loop and start all over again ?)

  2. i think this is the best keyobaord to have if ur starting up …no need to invest in epxpensive syntehsziers and make your workstation so cluttured


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