Titanic VR Review – A History Lesson In Virtual Reality


I review Titanic VR. This game from VR immersive education is an interesting and educational experience that allows you the witness the tragic events of the Titanic first hand. It makes for an interesting and informative history lesson in virtual reality…

Titanic VR is available on Oculus Store – £14.99 / $19.99

Titanic VR is also available on Steam – £15.49 / $19.99

Titanic VR will be coming to PSVR in the near future…

I received Titanic VR for free from the developers to play on the channel however I was not paid to make this video and my opinions are my own. Thanks for watching []-)

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31 thoughts on “Titanic VR Review – A History Lesson In Virtual Reality”

  1. I thought I'd check this review before the bomber one, as I already own this title. great review but for me It sounded like you were rushing through a script, would have preferred a more laid back casual / confident tone, slightly less rushed. You told me the experience was emotional, but I didn't feel it. Just trying to be helpful!

  2. Wasn't impressed with it. The tasks in the lab where boring, movement when diving is limited. Ugly textures. The sinking scene is ok. I hoped for something better.

  3. Hi Mike, great video. did you try the other Titanic game in development that i mentioned on one of your other videos….ie Honor & Glory, if you want historical accuracy then download there VR demo (",)

  4. I tried the demo for this ages ago and had hoped they would allow full exploration on the final release so that aspect is disappointing, if I see it on sale for a couple ££ i'll probably get it. The lancaster experience sounds awesome, please do a vid when its out !

  5. Good evening Mike I very much enjoyed this review and I very much appreciate history this is a new way of looking at when the greatest historical things that you read about in history books I'm very interested in this experience. I am also interested in other Titanic lived experiences such as the Titanic for honor and glory with the player has to actually escape the ship on that fateful night.

  6. I've been watching your subscription count for a while and its gaining traction. I hope you don't get discouraged and keep going . It might take 4-6 years to get to 500k subs. But keep going! You will be behind nathie in no time

  7. I have Titanic VR – Amazing – I still have so much to do – and the event – is just amazing…as a witness…..as an older person 58 when I was a young kid we had PONG….so to me, this is Beyond! I can Only Imagine in 20yrs……I have many games to explore as yet…..got the Oculus Rift system on Alienware tower ….I can Only wonder what woulda happened had we had this when I was in HS in 1979

  8. This is one of my favorite VR titles. I have always thought that the strength of VR was not in games but in allowing us to go places and see things that we may never have the chance to see. I think the highlight of this title though is the long tour. It was just excellent.


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